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Can I accumulate / bring forward / rollover my unused quota?

No, any balance/unused quota will be forfeited every day at 11.59PM.

What is this FREE 1GB high-speed Internet about?

As a Digi Prepaid BEST™ customer, you stand to enjoy FREE 1GB high-speed Internet when you spend a total of RM1/day on IDD. This free Internet is valid on the same day until 11.59PM.

How do I check my free Internet quota?

You can check your free Internet quota via the MyDigi or via UMB by dialing *200*1#.

What can I use this free 1GB high-speed Internet on?

This free 1GB high-speed Internet can be used for all types of Internet usage and is delivered on a best-effort basis.

I received an SMS notification today to redeem the free 1GB high-speed Internet, can I redeem it tomorrow?

No, redemption must be made as soon as you receive the SMS notification. If no redemption is made before 11.59PM the same day, the free 1GB high-speed Internet will be forfeited.

How will I know if my redemption is successful ?

Upon successful redemption, you will see “Free Internet (RM1 daily IDD)” displayed under your Internet quota balance on the MyDigi or via UMB by dialing *200*1#.

Can I accumulate my IDD spends in a day, i.e RM0.40 in the morning and RM0.80 in the afternoon, in order to qualify for the free 1GB high-speed Internet?

Yes, as long as you spend a total of RM1 on IDD in a day, you are entitled for the free 1GB high-speed Internet.

If I spend RM2 on IDD in the same day, will I get free 2GB high-speed Internet?

No, you are only allowed to redeem a maximum of free 1GB high-speed Internet every day.

Do I need to redeem this free 1GB high-speed Internet each time I fulfill the daily IDD spend?

Yes, you will need to redeem your free 1GB high-speed Internet each time you receive an SMS notification that you have spent RM1 on IDD in a day.

What types of IDD spending are included in this RM1 daily IDD usage?

Only IDD voice calls to these 10 countries, i.e. Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, China and Vietnam that utilise your main credit balance will count as part of your daily IDD usage. Other IDD usages such as Free IDD minutes, Free IDD credit, Free Airtime Usage, Super Deals, Internet Plus Plan, international SMS, international MMS and international video calls are excluded.