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Who can sign up for a Broadband plan?

Broadband plans are open to all existing Digi subscribers and new customers. Existing Digi Postpaid customers can sign up for a new Broadband plan as a supplementary line and enjoy monthly rebates up to RM10.

What are the supplementary Broadband plan available to me?

Please refer to the table below to see the supplementary plans available to you: 

Type of Principal customers Postpaid Voice customers Broadband RM65 and Broadband RM105 customers
Supplementary plan available Broadband Monthly RM45
Broadband Monthly RM65
Broadband Monthly RM105
Broadband Monthly RM45
Broadband Monthly RM65
Broadband Monthly RM105
Are there excess charges after I exhaust my monthly quota?

No. There will be no excess charges upon exhausting your monthly quota, but you may choose to purchase Internet Top Ups to keep your Internet experience at optimal speed.

If I reach my bundled quota, can I still surf the Internet?

No, upon reaching 100% quota utilization you will no longer be able to continue surfing. Please log in to MyDigi or download the MyDigi App to purchase Internet Top Ups.

Can I rollover my unused quota to the following month/next bill cycle?

No, Digi Broadband plans do not have an Internet Rollover feature.

What is the monthly instalment and upfront payment for MobiFi?

Please refer to the table below for monthly instalment amount and upfront payment:

  TP-Link M7350 (LTE) Huawei
Postpaid Plan RM45 RM65 RM105 RM105
Monthly Device Fee RM9 x 12months RM9 x 12months
Device Upfront Fee RM100 RM65 FREE RM150
Total Upfront Payment (Device upfront fee + Plan 1 month advance fee) RM145 RM130 RM105 RM255
What do you mean by Streaming quota? Can I use this quota to surf Facebook?

Streaming quota only allows you to stream using the partner services below:

Video YouTube, YouTube Gaming, YouTube Kids, Dailymotion, Netflix, iflix, Astro Go, dimsum, Unifi Play Tv, Viu, tonton, Twitch
Music BFM, Fly FM, Kool FM, Hot FM, Hitz FM, Era FM, Mix FM, One FM, Lite FM, Sinar FM, Melody FM, THR Raaga, My FM, THR Gegar, Apple Music, Spotify, Joox, Tidal, Raku, KKBOX, Deezer, SoundHound, Saavn, Hungama
Can I make VoIP calls (Eg. WhatsApp calls) using my Broadband subscription?

No, VoIP calls are not allowed on Broadband plans, but we do have Internet Top Ups that allow you to make VoIP calls (More information in the Internet Top Up section).

How do I purchase Internet for my Broadband plan?
You can log in to MyDigi to purchase more Internet.
How can I check my quota usage?

You can log in to MyDigi to view your quota usage.