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Can I make voice calls and send SMS/MMS using my Broadband subscription?

No, Broadband plans are only capable of Internet access.

I am subscribed to the previous Broadband plan (Broadband Monthly 100), can I subscribe to a new supplementary plan?

No, only users on Broadband Monthly 65 and Broadband Monthly 105 can subscribe to a Broadband supplementary plan.

Can I use my Internet quota when roaming abroad?

Broadband customers in Postpaid payment
Your bundled Internet quota is only applicable for domestic usage i.e. within Malaysia. Roaming with your Broadband plan will not utilise your bundled Internet quota - You will be charged separately as listed in the prevailing roaming rates chart. However, it is recommended that you roam with Digi Broadband on a device that enables you to manually select Digi’s preferred roaming network operator so as to enjoy Internet Roaming promotions (for Postpaid payment).

Is there a Fair Usage Policy for RM5 Unlimited VoIP?

Yes, Digi will implement FUP for excessive usage, subject to Digi’s discretion.

Which VoIP services can I use with the RM5 VoIP Internet Top Up?

With RM5 VoIP Internet Top up, you will be able to use VoIP Services on the following partners (not limited to):

  • WhatsApp
  • Face time
  • Line
  • Kakao Talk
  • Skype
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WeChat
  • Google Hangouts
  • GrooVe IP
  • Viber
How will my Broadband quota be deducted?

Your internet deduction will be based on the order below:

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Can I purchase on demand partner services and charge it to my Digi bill?

Yes, these are the services available at the moment
Video: iflix, Viu, dimsum, Tonton, Play TV
Music: Deezer, KKbox

I am currently subscribed to the previous Broadband plan without a contract. Can I move to the new Broadband Monthly RM65/Broadband Monthly RM105/Broadband Monthly RM45?

Yes, you can update your plan to the new Broadband plans. To do so, visit Digi outlets, authorized dealers stores, or call Customer Service hotline at 0162211800.

I am currently subscribed to the previous Broadband plan with a 12 month contract. Can I move to the new Broadband Monthly 65/Broadband Monthly 105?

Yes, but only upgrades are allowed. E.g. Moving from Broadband RM60 to Broadband Monthly 105

Can I perform Internet Sharing with the new Digi Broadband plan?

No, Internet Sharing cannot be done from the new Digi Broadband plan.