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What is this promotion?

From 17th July 2018, all new Postpaid Broadband Supplementary 65 & 105 subscribers will enjoy RM10 off for life + FREE 120GB (10GB x 12 Months) Internet.

Customers who do not sign-up via Digi Store Online will only get to enjoy RM10 off for life, they will not receive the FREE 120GB (10GB x 12 Months) Internet.

How will my quota be deducted?

Your internet deduction will be based on the order below:


Is the extra quota from this promotion permanent?

No, the increase in quota is not permanent. The extra quota is only being offered for a 12 month period upon activation of a Broadband Supplementary Plan.

A new customer who has opted for Broadband Monthly 105 will get to enjoy a monthly quota of 85GB for 12 months from the date of activation, after which their quota will revert back to 75GB.

Will I be tied to any contract when signing up for this offer?

No, you will not be tied to any contract unless you opt for a device as well. Do note that only Principal Plan customers are able to opt for devices. Device bundles are not available with Supplementary Plans on Digi Store Online

If I change the plan, will I still enjoy the free quota and bill rebate?

No, both the free quota and rebate will be forfeited.

How long will this promotion be available?

This promotion is available from 17th July 2018 until further notice