Digi Home Fibre Support

Support Detail

Who can subscribe to the Digi Home Fibre plans?

Digi Home Fibre is open to Malaysians and Non-Malaysians above the age of 18 years. You must be in an area with Digi Home Fibre coverage. You can check your coverage at http://digi.my/digihome.

How do I subscribe to a Digi Home Fibre plan?

You may sign up at a Digi Store, Digi Store Express, and http://digi.my/digihome

For online registration :

Step 1: Select your preferred package and enter your personal details.

Step 2: Run a quick Coverage Check.

Step 3: Submit your application.

Step 4: We will call you within 2 business days to arrange a Free installation.

What documents are required for the Digi Home Fibre subscription?

You or your Designate Person is required to submit the following documents to us for verification purpose during application, registration and/or installation processes:

(a) MyKad (Malaysians) or MyKAS/MyPR (permanent resident); or

(b) Passport (with at least a minimum of twenty-four (24) months validity); or

(c) OKU ID; and/or

(d) a letter of confirmation and authorization duly signed by the authorized signatory of the company (if the customer is a corporation).

If I subscribe to any of the Digi Home Fibre plans, would I enjoy free installation service?

Yes, free installation service is available with Home Fibre 50Mbps, Home Fibre 100Mbps, Home Fibre 500Mbps and Home Fibre 1Gbps.

If I am not a Digi Postpaid customer, can I sign up for the Digi Home Fibre plans?

Yes, you can subscribe to any of our Digi Home Fibre plans.

I am a foreigner, can I subscribe to a Digi Home Fibre plan?

Yes, but a deposit of RM500 will be required and charged to your first bill.

Why should I subscribe to a Digi Home Fibre plan rather than a broadband plan?

Digi Home Fibre offers more stable, reliable and higher speeds compared to the average broadband speeds.