Digi Home Fibre Support

Support Detail

In the event of early termination before contract expiry, what is the penalty amount?

RM500 penalty will be imposed for early termination for all plans.

In the event of termination, do I need to give prior notice to Digi or return any equipment?

No notice is required, just walk into any Digi Store to terminate the contract. You also need not return any of the equipment provided.

I am currently subscribed to Digi Home Fibre but I have to relocate to another area. What should I do?

Step 1: Contact our CS hotline 016- 2211800. Inform your interest for relocation 30 days upfront

Step 2: We will call you back in 3 business days to make arrangements. Relocation service is only available in selected areas.

What should I do if I wish to switch from another service provider to Digi Home Fibre?

You can sign up for Digi Home Fibre at a Digi Store, Digi Store Express or online at http://digi.my/digihome.

For online registration:

Step 1: Check coverage at http://digi.my/digihome

Step 2: Contact your current Fibre service provider for initiating the termination process.

Step 3: Subscribe to your preferred package and we will get back to you to arrange an appointment for installation. (only for Online Registration)

Please be mindful of the following:
If your existing service is still within the contract period, you may be subject to an early termination fee or penalty by your existing service provider. To ensure you have uninterrupted Internet service at home, do not terminate your existing service before Digi Home Fibre installation is complete.

I am a non-Malaysian, how would I receive my deposit upon termination of service?

After you terminate our services at the Digi Store, a cheque will be mailed to your billing address within 2 months.