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Where should I go to trade-in my device?

You may visit us at any of the following Digi Stores. Click here for the list of Digi stores.

Can I trade-in more than 1 device?

You may trade-in one (1) mobile device only for one (1) new Digi postpaid plan with mobile device that you sign up.

Will I be able to get back the data stored in my old device?

NO. We are unable to restore or retrieve any data from your old device once the transaction is completed. Please ensure you have performed a full data backup before you surrender the device to our service staff.

Can I still get back my device after I’ve performed the trade-in?

NO. Once you have agreed to trade-in your device and the transaction is completed, we will not be able to return the device to you.

How can I pass the device validation check?

Our friend staff will need to perform the following assessment before we can accept your device.

  1. Your device is able to power ON and OFF;
  2. The device is able to charge when plug in to a charger;
  3. We are able to retrieve the IMEI of your device;
  4. The device screen is fully functional and has not cracks or damaged pixels;
  5. There is no missing / damaged button and cracked casing;
  6. The device is not under water/liquid damage condition
  7. Phone activation lock or screen lock is OFF
What happens if I have an existing device contract with Digi and would like to take up the trade-in offer on the same line?

You need to terminate the current contract before you are can to take up the new contract. In this event, penalty charges may apply as per our current early termination guidelines.

Can I trade-in my old device for cash?

NO. Our trade-in offer is only applicable for purchase of a new device only and it must be accompanied with a postpaid device contract.

What are the new devices allowed to be purchased with the trade-in value?

All devices which are available under our current Postpaid SmartPlan device offerings are allowed to be purchased with the trade-in value. However, you need to top-up the balance if the price of your new device is higher than the trade-in value. In the event where new device price is lower than the trade-in value, the extra value will be forfeited.

What are the acceptable devices for trade-in? And how much is the trade-in value?

Kindly visit us at any of the participating Digi centres to get a quote. Generally, the quoted trade-in value is based on evaluation of average market-prices and the condition of the phone. We promise that our customers will get a fair value of the device traded-in.

What can I enjoy from the offer?

You can trade-in your old device and use the trade-in value to pay for a new device which is available under Digi trade-in program. Top-up is required if the trade-in value is lower than the new device price.