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What are the prepaid eligible active Internet plans?

Monthly Internet plans which are currently available for purchase via MyDigi under "Add-ons" ( ).

Who can subscribe to this awesome Premium Access Subscriptions?

All Digi Postpaid and Prepaid customers can subscribe to this subscription at RM5 per month. The 5GB Internet* is only eligible for the following customers:

  •  Postpaid customers with a bundled mobile Internet subscription
  •  Prepaid customers with an eligible active Internet plan (refer to question 15)

Customers otherwise from the above will only receive either Viu Premium access or iflix VIP access without 5GB Internet. The 5GB Internet is valid for streaming on either Viu or iflix only.

I am terminating my Internet plan before it expires. After termination, can I continue to enjoy the subscription?

No, you must have an active Internet plan to enjoy the 5GB allocated within the Premium Access Subscriptions. However, you may still enjoy either Viu premium access or iflix VIP access.

Will I be notified before this subscription is renewed?

Yes, you will receive an SMS notification two (2) days before your subscription is renewed.

Will my subscription be terminated automatically at the end of 30 days?

This subscription is on an auto renewal basis! This means that your subscription will be renewed automatically at 11.59PM at the end of its validity period. For Digi Prepaid customers, please ensure that you have sufficient credit for auto renewal.

What happens if my 5GB data for this subscription has been used up?

Streaming will result in quota being deducted from your base Internet plan.

How I can check my data usage for this subscription?

You may check your balance quota and expiry via the MyDigi app

If I am currently subscribed to another Viu or iflix subscription, can I still enjoy this?

Yes! Just unsubscribe from your old subscription via Viu or iflix web/app and subscribe to any of the Digi Premium Access Subscriptions via the EasyAdd subscription management platform by Digi

Where can I purchase these subscriptions?

You can subscribe via the EasyAdd subscription management platform by Digi. Head on over to

How much data is included in this Monthly Premium Access Subscription?

All eligible customers will get 5GB data valid for streaming on either Viu or iflix only, depending on the subscription you purchase. Streaming on any other service apart from the subscription that you have purchased will result in your base Internet being deducted.