MyDigi Rewards Support

What can I use my Digi Points for?

At present your Digi Points are exclusively used only to calculate your MyDigi Reward tiers for you to enjoy the corresponding tier benefits.

How do I earn Digi Points?

Every RM1 spent on your Postpaid bill or Prepaid reload earns you one (1) Digi Point, which goes straight into helping you maintain your current tier, or achieve the next tier.

Will my Digi Points be carried forward to the next Rewards window?

Your Digi Points will be used to calculate your tier at the start of every 6-month window and will subsequently be reset to zero. However, your tier will remain unchanged for this complete 6-month window.

When will my bill or reload amount be reflected as a Digi Point?

Prepaid reloads will earn Digi Points within 48 hours of your reload, while Postpaid bill values will be picked up within 5 days from bill readiness.

I have 3 separate active lines under my account. How will Digi Points be calculated?

Digi Points are awarded to each mobile number according to the Postpaid bill amount or Prepaid reload values generated by the respective mobile number.