Omni Support

How do I choose/customise the landline number?

You will not be able to customise your own landline number. However, you will be able to choose the number from a list of available numbers, upon signing up, based on the location that you have chosen. If you have special requests, feel free to email it to

Does Omni have toll-free hotline (1800 or 1300) numbers available?

Please email Omni at about this request.

How many smartphones can I assign the landline number to?

The number of extensions you can assign to your landline is dependent on the plan you have selected. For each extension, you can connect up to 50 mobile numbers.

How to change or reset my password?

To change your password, go to the Omni app:

    1. Settings > Account settings > Change password

To reset your password, launch the Omni Dashboard login page, click here, and go to ‘Forget Password’. You will need to enter your email address and further instructions will be sent to your email.

Will I be able to connect Omni to WhatsApp?

No, unfortunately, this feature is not available at the moment.

Does Omni work on both Wi-Fi and mobile data?

Yes, as long as you have access to Wi-Fi and/or mobile data, you will be able to use the Omni app.

Can I use Omni on my laptop?

You can access your Omni Dashboard from your laptop by logging in to your Omni account here. But, to make and receive calls, you will need to install the Omni app on your mobile device.

Can I transfer an existing landline number to Omni?

No, sorry this feature is not available at the moment.

Can I obtain a landline number from elsewhere and transfer into Omni?

No, sorry this feature is not available at the moment.