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Can I continue with this programme after I have completed my 24 month instalment period?

You may continue to subscribe to your current Digi Postpaid™ Rate Plan once you have completed the 24 monthly payments for the Device Payment Monthly Price.

I am an existing Digi UP™ / Easy Up Customer. Am I entitled to subscribe to this Digi PhoneFreedom 365?

You are currently not entitled to join this Digi PhoneFreedom 365 unless you have (A) completed the minimum contract tenure of 24 monthly instalments with Digi UP™ / Easy Up programme, or (B) terminated your Digi UP™ / Easy Up programme. You will be subject to an eligibility check and must comply with the Terms and Conditions as set out on the Digi UP™ and Easy Up webpages.

Will I enjoy 0 Upfront if I port in from my existing operator?

0 Upfront is available to eligible port in customer based on the following:

  • Average last 3 months bill exceeding RM80 with credit card auto-billing subscription.

(Device Advance Payment will be applicable for those that do not meet the eligibility above)

What if I cancel or terminate my line or the phone was lost/stolen within the contract period?

If you cancel or terminate your line with Digi or the phone is lost/stolen before completing the minimum 24 month instalment period, you will need to pay a Penalty Fee, which is the remaining device balance equivalent to [(RRP – Device Advance Payment/24) x remaining months + admin fee]. Once you have paid the Penalty fee, you may then sign up for a new device with Digi PhoneFreedom 365.

If I decide not to upgrade between months 18 - 24, what will happen?

Should you decide not to upgrade at any point within the eligible upgrade period, you can continue to complete with your 24 monthly instalments and keep the phone at the end of your contract.

Will I be able to retrieve the data stored in my old phone after the exchange?

No, Digi is unable to restore or retrieve any data from your old phone once the phone is wiped / factory reset / the upgrade transaction is completed. Please ensure you have performed a full data backup before you surrender your old phone to our staff during your upgrade process.

Do I get to keep my old phone when I upgrade?

No, once you have agreed to exchange your old phone for a new phone under the Digi Device Subscription Programme, Digi will not return the old phone back to you. Hence, please ensure that you have performed a full data backup of your old phone before surrendering it.

What if my old phone is not as per the Good Working Condition Criteria set in the Terms and Conditions?

Digi will not accept the phone as a Returned Device for exchange. You may instead choose to (A) complete your 24 monthly instalments and keep the phone at the end of your contract, or (B) pay the Penalty Fee and Processing Fee, keep the old phone and register for a new phone.

How do I know if my phone is in good working condition?

Our friendly staff at will perform the following assessment before we accept your phone. You may refer to the Terms and Conditions listed herein on the stipulated Good Working Condition Criteria. Digi has the absolute discretion to decide whether a phone which you wish to exchange can be accepted or rejected.

How do I upgrade to a new phone between months 18 - 24?

After you have completed the 17th payment (tier 1 phones) or 19th payment (tier 2 & tier 3 phones) with no other outstanding amounts, you may walk into a participating Digi Store or Digi Store Express and exchange your old phone (that is required to be in good working condition) for a new phone.