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Who can subscribe to biGBonus Plans?

All Digi Mobile Prepaid customers are eligible to subscribe to biGBonus Plans.

How do I purchase biGBonus Plans?

You can purchase biGBonus Plans via MyDigi (Buy Add-ons> Internet > Auto Renew) or by dialing *116*1# and following the steps.

How do I get the biGBonus 1GB/2GB/3GB every day which can be used from 1pm to 7pm?

You will get it automatically once you subscribe to either biGBonus RM35, biGBonus RM50 or biGBonus RM70 (i.e. no redemption required). From 1pm to 7pm, the biGBonus 1GB/2GB/3GB quota will be utilised before the base quota from your biGBonus Plan. The biGBonus quota is refreshed daily throughout your plan validity.

What is "Always Active"?

"Always Active" means that your main account validity will always be extended to match the subscription validity of your biGBonus Plan. For example, if your account validity expires tomorrow but you subscribe to a biGBonus Plan with "Always Active" feature today, your account validity will be extended by 30 days (instead of expiring tomorrow).
However, if your main account has a validity of more than 30 days at the point of subscription to a biGBonus Plan, it will remain unchanged.

How do I check the Internet and Call balance of my biGBonus Plan?

You may check your base quota Internet balance via MyDigi, or by dialing *116# and following the steps. Please note that you will not be able to check the balance for Unlimited Calls.

Can I use the Internet quota from my biGBonus plan when I am roaming abroad?

No. The Internet quota from your biGBonus plan is for domestic use only (i.e. within Malaysia). Mobile Internet usage while roaming abroad on other networks shall be charged as per the respective roaming operator’s rate for Internet access.

Will my biGBonus plan be renewed automatically at the end of plan validity?

Yes, your plan will be renewed automatically at the end of its validity. You will receive an SMS notification two (2) days before renewal.

How do I unsubscribe from biGBonus plan?

You can go to MyDigi or by dialing *116# and following the steps to unsubscribe from biGBonus plan.

I am thinking about terminating my biGBonus plan before it ends. After termination, can I still continue to use the Internet until the end of its validity?

No, your biGBonus plan will be removed with immediate effect upon termination.

Can I still purchase the biGBonus plan if I already have an existing Internet Plan?

Yes, you can. However, your existing Internet plan will be overwritten and any remaining quota from your current internet plan will be forfeited.