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What are the unique selling points of NEXT?

NEXT gives you: 

  • Starter Pack that is preloaded with 30 Days Internet
  • Internet that controls your line validity with Always Active
  • Ultimate Digital Experience with MyDigi App
What are the plan specifications of NEXT?

NEXT gives you: 

  • Calls: 10 sen / min to all networks
  • SMS: 10 sen / SMS to all networks
  • Video Call: 30 sen / min to all networks
Who is eligible to buy NEXT?

Any new/existing prepaid subscriber is eligible for the purchase of NEXT

How much does the NEXT pack cost?

NEXT pack costs RM15 and comes with 3GB High-Speed Internet and Unlimited Social (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter). There will be no preloaded credit for this pack. If you are porting-in from another telco or performing a Change of Plan, there will be no charges, but also, there will be no preloaded internet.

What is the validity of a new NEXT pack?

Your NEXT pack is valid for 30 days.

I am an existing Digi Prepaid subscriber, can I switch to NEXT?

Yes, all Digi Prepaid Subscribers can convert to NEXT. To change your plan, just dial *128#. Please note that for any change of plans, previous Internet subscription and free data will be reset.

I am an existing Digi Postpaid Subscriber, can I switch to NEXT?

Yes, you may change from Postpaid to Prepaid. To carry out this conversion, please head over to a Digi Store near you.

I am from another mobile service provider, can I switch to NEXT?

Yes. To port-in, please head over to any Digi Store near you.

I am currently in NEXT, can I change to another Rate Plan?

Yes, you can only perform a Change of Plan to Digi Monthly Plan 28 or Digi Postpaid.

I am from another mobile service provider, will there be any charges when I switch to NEXT?

There will be no charges when you switch to NEXT. However, after porting in, you’ll need to reload and purchase Internet packs in order to surf the Internet

I bought a NEXT pack from a dealer, but after inserting the SIM it doesn’t seem to work? What should I do?

Please allow a maximum of 4 hours for the SIM to be activated. If the SIM is still not working after 4 hours, please go back to the store you purchased this pack from for them to assist you.

What happens if I run out of Internet?

If you have exhausted your Internet quota during the 30-day cycle, you may top up your Internet by purchasing either Monthly Plan Boosters or On Demand Passes. Monthly Plan Booster is the newest high-speed all-usage quota that follows the expiry date of your Monthly Active Plan