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Can I make a Talktime Request to a Digi number that has been blocked or barred?

No, you can't.

Can I perform a Talktime Request if I am roaming?

Yes. As long as you are roaming with a Digi Prepaid™ roaming partner and have access to the *128# Quick Menu, you can perform a Talktime Request.

Can I send Talktime Requests to subscribers on other networks?

No. You can only send Talktime Requests to Digi subscribers.

How much credit can I ask for via each Talktime Request?

You can request for a Talktime Transfer™ of RM3, RM5, RM15 and RM25. You can also request for the person you are trying to reach to call you back.

How many Talktime Requests can I make in a day?

You can make up to three (3) Talktime Requests in a day.