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What is Talktime Advance™?

Talktime AdvanceTM is a service that allows Digi PrepaidTM customers to borrow talktime credit from Digi.

Note: Talktime AdvanceTM is available to all Digi PrepaidTM customers with a tenure of four (4) months or more.

Can I use Talktime Advance™ if I have absolutely no credit (RM0.00) in my Prepaid account?

No. Your Prepaid account balance must be within RM0.01 to RM3.00 if you want to use Talktime AdvanceTM.

How long do I have to be with Digi before I can use Talktime Advance™?

You have to be a Digi PrepaidTM customer for a minimum of 4 months before you can use Talktime AdvanceTM.

How many times can I use Talktime Advance™?

Talktime AdvanceTM is only available once between each reload.

Can I pay for the credit that I have borrowed via Talktime Advance™ using the bonus credit I received from Digi (e.g. Birthday Bonus™ or Reload Bonus™)?

No, you can't. You will have to reload your Prepaid account to pay for the credit that you have borrowed.

A friend transferred credit to me via Talktime Transfer™. Can I use it to pay for the credit I borrowed via Talktime Advance™?

Yes you can.

Is there a monthly charge for using Talktime Advance™?

No, there is no monthly charge for using Talktime AdvanceTM. However, a service fee of RM0.80 will be deducted from your Prepaid account for every successful RM3 transaction made using Talktime AdvanceTM.

How will I know if I have successfully borrowed credit via Talktime Advance™?

Please use the *128# Quick Menu to check your Talktime AdvanceTM status.