Talktime Services Support

What is a Talktime Request?

Talktime Request is a service that allows Digi® Best Prepaid subscribers to request for a Talktime Transfer™ or call back from another Digi subscriber.

Can I send a Talktime Request if my Prepaid account has been deactivated/barred?

No, your Prepaid account must be active or in restricted status in order to send a Talktime Request.

I received a request from a friend asking me to call him/her back. Can I ignore the request?

Yes, you can.

Can I send a Talktime Request to a person whose phone has been turned off?

No. In order to perform a Talktime Request, the person you are trying to reach must have their phone turned on and be within the Digi coverage area.

Is Talktime Request available to all Digi customers?

Talktime Request is currently available to Digi® Best Prepaid subscribers only. If you are a Digi® Best Prepaid subscriber, you can send a Talktime Request to any Digi Prepaid™ or  Digi Postpaid™ subscriber.

I received a Talktime Request from a friend asking for RM5. Can I transfer RM3 instead?

Yes, you can.

Do I have to register for a Talktime Request to use this service?

No, you do not have to register for a Talktime Request to use this service.

Is there a monthly charge for using Talktime Request?

No, there's no monthly charge for using Talktime Request.

Will I be charged for using Talktime Request?

No. There is no charge for using Talktime Request via UMB.

However, if a Talktime Transfer™ is performed, a service charge of 50sen will apply to the person transferring the credit (on top of the amount of talktime credit being transferred). The person receiving the talktime credit will be charged 25sen.

What is the minimum balance required in my Prepaid account if I want to perform a Talktime Request?

There's no minimum balance required.

Can I make a Talktime Request to a Digi number that has been blocked or barred?

No, you can't.

Can I perform a Talktime Request if I am roaming?

Yes. As long as you are roaming with a Digi Prepaid™ roaming partner and have access to the *128# Quick Menu, you can perform a Talktime Request.

Can I send Talktime Requests to subscribers on other networks?

No. You can only send Talktime Requests to Digi subscribers.

How much credit can I ask for via each Talktime Request?

You can request a Talktime Transfer™ of RM3, RM5, RM15 and RM25. You can also request for the person you are trying to reach to call you back.

How many Talktime Requests can I make in a day?

You can make up to three (3) Talktime Requests in a day.