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Where can I sign-up for this offer?

You can sign-up for this offer via Digi Store Online or just walk into any Digi outlets or authorised dealer store by 17 February 2021.

Does this offer apply to all Postpaid plans?

No, this offer is only applicable to customers who switch (port-in) to Digi Family plan under the Digi Postpaid Family 80, 120, 160 & 190, SIM only plans, until 17 February 2021.

How long can I enjoy this offer rebate on my Postpaid Family plan?

If you sign-up by 17 February 2021, RM120 savings will be rebated at RM10 x 12 months via your Digi bill.

Do I have to pay any plan advance payment when I switch to Digi (port-in)?

No, there is no plan advance payment required when you request for a switch to Digi via Digi outlets or authorised dealer stores, nationwide. However, if you switch to Digi (port-in) via Digi Store Online, you’ll be required to pay a plan advance payment of 1 month on sign-up.

Will I be tied to any contract with this offer?

No, there is no contract.

Can I sign-up for auto-billing and enjoy the 5% discount off my total monthly bill for 6 months?

Yes, customers can enjoy the 5% discount off their monthly bill for 6 months when they sign-up for auto-billing for the first time with any Visa/ Mastercard / Amex.

New customers who sign-up with a Mastercard are eligible for RM50 Digi Store Online voucher, during the Mastercard campaign period that ends at 11:59 p.m. on 28 February 2021.

Can I enjoy the PhoneFreedom 365 rebate together with the rebate from this promotion?

No, you’ll not be able to enjoy this rebate if you change to a PhoneFreedom 365 plan.

Can I sign-up for a device contract using this rebate?

No, you’ll not be able to enjoy this rebate if you sign-up for a device contract.

How many supplementary lines can I switch to Digi (port-in) under the Postpaid Family plan?

You may switch to Digi (port-in) up to 3 lines under the Postpaid Family plan. 

How many Postpaid Family plan lines are eligible for this promotion?

All your supplementary lines under the Postpaid Family plan that switch to Digi (port-in) will be eligible for this promotion, save RM120 for each supplementary line . However, each account is only eligible for 3 Postpaid Family plan lines.