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What is Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming?

Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming allows you to experience Internet roaming at a max cap of RM36/country/day or RM56/country/day depending on the roamed country. It allows subscribers to enjoy Internet browsing whilst travelling abroad with no manual operator selection require

Do I need to subscribe in order to enjoy this offer?

There is no subscription required. You will just need to ensure your mobile line is activated with International Roaming and enable data roaming in your phone settings.

Is this offer available for all rate plans?

This offer is only available for all Digi Postpaid subscribers.

When will the Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming pass expire daily?

This is a daily validity offer according to the capital city time of your roamed country. E.g. if you are in Australia and start browsing from 01:00AM Canberra time, your daily validity will expire at 11:59PM Canberra time. Should you continue to browse after 12AM Canberra time, you will be charged RM36 x 2 = RM72.

Roaming usage is rated based on GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) without consideration of Daylight Savings Time (DST).

What happens if I start browsing before midnight and throughout the next day while in the same country? How will I be charged?

You will be charged for 2 days of usage. E.g. If you start browsing from 11:30PM until 2AM in Australia, you will be charged at a max cap of RM72 (RM36x2 days).

Do I need to unsubscribe from the Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming pass?

No, the Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming pass will expire automatically once the validity has ended.

In which countries can I enjoy Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming?

The full list of countries available for Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming are as follows:

Australia Austria Bangladesh
Brunei Bulgaria Cambodia
China Colombia Costa Rica
Croatia Denmark East Timor
Ecuador Estonia Fiji
Finland French Polynesia Guatemala
Honduras Hong Kong Hungary
India Indonesia Iraq
Isle of Man Japan Kyrgyz Republic
Laos Latvia Macau
Madagascar Montenegro Mozambique
Myanmar Nepal New Zealand
Nigeria Norway Oman
Pakistan Panama Philippines
Saudi Arabia Serbia Seychelles
Singapore Slovak Republic South Korea
Sri Lanka Sweden Taiwan
Tajikistan Tanzania Thailand
Turkey Uganda Ukraine
Uzbekistan Vietnam Zambia


Argentina Bahrain Belgium
Bhutan Brazil Canada
Chile Cyprus Czech Republic
Egypt El Salvador France
Germany Greece Iceland
Ireland Italy Jersey
Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya
Kuwait Liechtenstein Lithuania
Luxembourg Macedonia Malta
Mexico Mongolia Netherlands
Nicaragua Palestine Papua New Guinea
Peru Poland Portugal
Qatar Romania Russia
Slovenia South Sudan Spain
Sudan Switzerland United Arab Emirates (UAE)
United Kingdom Uruguay USA
How will I be charged if I roam with more than one operator in the same country on the same day?

You will only be charged a max cap of RM36/country/day or RM56/country/day depending on the roamed country’s respective rates. E.g. If you are in Singapore and you connect to Starhub in the morning and Singtel in the afternoon on the same day, you will be charged a max cap of RM36/day.

If I use the Internet while I roam in more than one country on the same day, how will I be charged?

Roaming Internet usage of less than 1MB will be charged on a Pay-As-You-Use (PAYU) basis at RM36/MB (for countries rated RM36/day) and RM56/MB (for countries rated RM56/day) in 10kb charging blocks.

You will be charged a max cap of RM72 (RM36x2 countries) for the day or RM112 (RM56X2 countries), depending on the roamed country’s respective rates. E.g. if you use the Internet while you roam in China in the morning and Hong Kong in the afternoon, you will be charged for both countries.

Do I need to manually select a specific operator or can I use any available operators in the country I roam in?

You will be connected to any available operator in the country automatically without the need to manually select a specific operator.