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What will happen if I have used up my Roaming Pass Voice minutes and Internet roaming quota?

If your Roam Pass Voice minutes and Internet quota are exhausted within the validity period, any subsequent roaming usages will be charged at standard roaming rates. Alternatively, you may purchase any additional Roaming Pass to continue enjoying Roaming voice calls and Internet roaming.
For Roam-1Day-RM5/RM10, you can still enjoy Unlimited Social Messaging [on any chat based application] even though you have used up the 50MB full speed Internet roaming quota. Should you wish to continue enjoying full speed internet/data roaming on other mediums, you may purchase another Roaming Pass for more quotas

How many times can I subscribe to Roaming Pass? Will I be able to repeat my subscription?

There is no subscription limit and you may purchase additional Roaming Pass at any point of time. Kindly note however that the validity period for each Roaming Pass will commence from point of activation.

Can I cancel my Roaming Pass purchased?

Once you have place booking/purchase for Roaming Pass, it cannot be cancelled/refund.

Can I unsubscribe from a Roaming Pass? What do I do if I no longer wish to have internet/data roaming access?

No, the Roaming Pass will expire automatically when the validity period ends. To avoid being charged with additional roaming rates or fees, you are advised to disable or turn off the 'Data Roaming' or 'Cellular Data/Mobile Data' function on your phone before the validity period expires. You will otherwise then subject to standard international roaming charges.

If I am already on Digi Unlimited Daily Internet Roaming, can I still subscribe to Roaming Pass?

Yes, but separate charges for both packages will apply. The standard Internet Roaming charges shall apply if your 'Data Roaming' has already been enabled prior to your Roaming Pass purchase. Should you purchase to any Roaming Pass on the same day, you will be charged for both the Digi Unlimited Internet Roaming + Roaming Pass. For example, if you were already roaming on Telstra in Australia with Digi Unlimited Daily Internet Roaming and subsequently purchase Roam-1Day-RM5, you will be charged RM36+RM5= RM41 for the same day. We advise that you enable your 'Data Roaming' or 'Cellular Data/Mobile Data' function only after you have purchase a Roaming Pass to avoid multiple charges.

Can I switch to enjoy the Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming service once I have subscribed to Roaming Pass?

Once you have subscribed to a Roaming Pass, you will have to wait for your Roaming Pass subscription to expire before the Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming service can take effect.

Is there any Digi Roaming Pass available in-flight?

Yes, we offer a 12-hour in-flight Internet Roaming Pass. Please note that this roaming pass is only valid with the network, AeroMobile (on selected aircrafts). You may purchase the roaming pass by dialing *800*3# when you are onboard the aircraft. Wait till you have received an SMS indicating your successful purchase before switching on Data Roaming in your Phone Settings to start surfing on the internet.

May I know which aircraft I can use the in-flight roaming pass?

The roaming pass is valid only with AeroMobile network. Visit Aeromobile website to discover their list of airline partners and which type of aircraft they support. Please note that AeroMobile service is subject to airline scheduling and cannot be guaranteed. Please check the onboard announcement for connectivity option on your flight.