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What is *111* Voice Call?

*111* Voice Call is a callback service for making voice calls to Malaysian and non-Malaysian numbers when you are roaming overseas.

How do I make a *111* Voice Call while roaming?

Simply dial:
*111*<00><country code><area/mobile code><telephone number><#>
*111*<+><country code><area/mobile code><telephone number><#>

Your call will be routed to Digi’s network before disconnecting. You will then receive an incoming call on your mobile in 15 seconds.
Upon answering, a dial tone will indicate that you have been connected to your destination number. If the person you are calling does not answer within 40 seconds, your call will be ended and you will be charged accordingly.

Malaysian Mobile Number (e.g. 016 221 1800)
Dial *111*0060162211800# OR Dial *111*+60162211800#

Malaysian Fixed Line Number (e.g. 03 1234 5678)
Dial *111*006031234567# OR Dial *111*+6031234567#

International Number (e.g. 1234 5678 in Singapore)
Dial *111*006512345678# OR Dial *111*+6512345678#

Do I need to register for *111* Voice Call?

No, the service is available when you have activated your International Roaming service.

Is *111* Voice Call always supported, no matter which country I'm roaming in?

*111* Voice Call can only be used in countries with supported USSD services, so not all Digi roaming partners will support *111* Voice Call.

Do I have to answer the incoming call from Digi after I have dialed a number using *111* Voice Call?

Yes. You will only be connected to the number that you have dialed after you answer the incoming call from Digi.

Will I be charged for a call that is diverted to another number?

Yes. *111* Voice Call roaming charges apply when you answer the incoming call from the Digi network that connects you to the diverted number.

Will there be any charges incurred for voicemail messages received while roaming?

Yes, if your voicemail service is activated while roaming then for every voicemail deposited to your voicemail box while roaming, you will be charged with both incoming and outgoing roaming voice call charges. These charges will vary according to the selected roaming network. Check how to deactivate voicemail.

What is Automatic International Roaming?

Automatic International Roaming is a pre-activated roaming service offered by Digi Prepaid™ that allows you to make calls from your mobile phone while travelling overseas.

Will I be charged if I call the Digi Customer Service Helpline while roaming?

Simply dial *125# and you will enjoy zero charge for first 5 minutes. You will be charged RM0.50/min for subsequent minutes.

When will my roaming charges be added to my Postpaid bill?

Your roaming charges will be added to your bill immediately after Digi is updated by the roaming partner that you have been roaming with, but may be reflected in your current or following month’s bill depending on when Digi receives the update.