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Why wasn’t my line barred immediately upon reaching or exceeding my credit limit while roaming?

Sometimes, your line won’t be barred immediately because of delayed update(s) from our roaming partner(s) regarding your usage. Until we receive the update(s) from them, we won't know that you have reached or exceeded your credit limit.

I have turned off data roaming and was using Wifi. Why am I still charged for data roaming usage?

It is possible for some smartphone and Wifi connection to still incur data roaming usage even if you have turned off Data Roaming on your phone settings. Should you need to really turn off data roaming, we recommend the following steps; otherwise avoid bill shock with our Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming or purchase Roaming Pass.

a) Switch OFF Mobile Data and Data Roaming
b) Switch ON flight mode
c) Switch OFF flight mode
d) Turn on WIFI ONLY (If data is required)

What should I do if I have enquiries or encounter problems with my mobile service while roaming?

If you have enquiries or encounter problems with your mobile service while roaming, contact us:

a) Dial *125# or
b) Chat with Us

What is AeroMobile® Roaming service?

With AeroMobile roaming service, Digi subscribers can use their own mobile phone for making and receiving calls, sending and receiving SMS and Internet surfing whilst inflight. You can only use your mobile phone on an aircraft which has been equipped with the AeroMobile Network. Specially certified hardware has been installed inside these aircraft to make it safe to use mobile phones onboard.

When and where can I use the AeroMobile® Roaming service?

The cabin crew will make an announcement if the service is available and will let you know when you can turn your phone on and use the service. The AeroMobile network becomes available when the aircraft has reached 6000 metres above the ground. The network is available throughout the cruise phase of the flight but phones must be switched off for take-off and landing. Currently this service is available on board selected aircrafts.

What should I see on my device for AeroMobile® Roaming service?

Once you’ve turned on your device you should connect to the AeroMobile network fairly quickly. AeroMobile will be displayed as the network provider and you will receive a welcome text message. You can then make and receive calls, texts, email and browse just as you would on the ground.

How much does AeroMobile® Roaming service?

When in-flight, standard roaming charges apply. You may refer to the rates here.

How do I check roaming rates prior to my departure?

You can check roaming charges here These rates are applied to all rate plan EXCEPT DG Smart Plans or Digi Smart Plans, iDigi Plans, SmartBIZ Plans, DG Plus Plans, MPLite SP Plans, MPPro SP Plans, MPElite Plans, Biz Plans (Biz Plan 50, Biz Plan 80, etc), Digi Smart Plans, DG Postpaid Simple Plan, Biz Plan PAYU, Biz Smart Plans, Biz Plus Plans, Biz Postpaid Plans, Digi Postpaid™ Plans, Biz SmartFree Plans & Go Digi Plans. To check detailed rates applicable to your rate plan, kindly contact our at 016- 2211 800 or Chat with Us.