I have registered my favorite number to my IDD VIP list, but why I am still being charged with normal IDD rates?

To enjoy the IDD VIP rate, please ensure that:

  • a. The number you have registered as IDD VIP belongs to one of the ten eligible countries

    How do I do that?

    Please check the list of eligible countries in the table above.

  • b. Please make sure that the IDD VIP number is registered in the right format

    Please follow this format when you key in the number during adding/registration process:
    <country code><phone number>


    Indonesia IDD number is +62812345678910 or 0062812345678910,

    You must key in 62812345678910

    Bangladesh IDD number is +880161234567891 or 00880161234567891

    You must key in 880161234567891