Itemised Bill

  1. Depending on the type of Digi plan that customers subscribed, SMS and Voice calls that are made in Malaysia (domestic usage) are usually free between Digi to Digi network and between Digi to other networks in Malaysia; excluding Video calls. Charges for video calls will be displayed under voice call category.
  2. Internet/Data Usage listed here are in kilobytes (1,000 KB = 1 MB), measuring the amount of data consumed while on the Digi network in Malaysia.
  3. International Roaming Usage means the charges incurred from making voice calls, sending SMS and/or using the Internet while travelling outside of Malaysia. This list of charges can only be generated after the roaming service provider partner has sent them to Digi.
  4. Voice mails are also chargeable while travelling overseas & will appear under “Incoming Calls”.
  5. Internet Roaming shows any Roaming Pass that customers have purchased and activated to use Internet at a fixed rate on a daily basis or over a fixed number of days while travelling.

itemized bill