Who are the parties involved?

We are working with the GLC Disaster Network (GDRN)* coalition supporting MOH. The GDRN comprises several Government-linked companies (GLCs), their foundations, and other corporate entities joining hands in support of social and humanitarian causes. Pharmaniaga has been appointed to manage procurement, warehousing, handling, distribution and fulfilment of medical supplies to the Malaysian public hospitals as required and subject to the instructions directed by MOH.

*The GLC Disaster Relief Network (GDRN) was created in 2013 through the Putrajaya Committee for GLC High Performance (“PCG”) with Khazanah Nasional as its Secretariat. The network was successfully deployed between 2013 and 2016 in various relief and reconstruction work, especially in the big floods in Kelantan, Pahang, and Johor, amongst others where GLCs contributions were well-coordinated and deployed. Since 2014, the GDRN is headed by Yayasan Hasanah with Telekom Malaysia as the Secretariat. The latest initiative is the GLC Disaster Relief Network (GDRN) Collective Contribution to Ministry of Health for COVID-19. Latest developments are available at http://yayasanhasanah.org/ and https://gdrnbantu.online/