Here's an example of how tiers are calculated.

TransactionCycle 1, 2018
(1 Jan 2018 to
30 Jun 2018)
Cycle 2, 2018
(1 Jul 2018 to
31 Dec 2018)
Cycle 1, 2019
(1 Jan 2019 to
30 Jun 2019)
Tier at start of 6-month cycleYellowPlatinum*Gold**
Total Postpaid Bill spend or
Prepaid Reloads during 6-month cycle
RM 1,555.99RM 300.50n/a
Digi Points earned1,555300n/a
Tier activity during this cycleUpgrade to Platinum upon achieving 1,500 Digi PointsMaintain Platinum until end of the cycleTier revised to Gold at start of the cycle

* Upgrade will be awarded immediately upon a member achieving the required Digi Points during any point in the 6-month cycle.
** Downgrade of tier will take place during tier review at end of the 6-month cycle.