What should I do to activate VoLTE?

The VoLTE activation will be done automatically when your 4G sim card is inserted into a VoLTE certified phone. This is under the condition that your smartphone is updated to the latest firmware and that you are using a 4G sim card. If you are still unsure, please contact Digi customer service

For iPhones

  • Minimum iOS version is 10.1. To check iOS version
    • Settings -> General -> About -> Version
  • How to update to iOS 10.1
    • Settings -> General -> Software Update
  • How to turn VoLTE in iPhone
    • Settings -> Mobile Data -> Mobile Data Options - > Enable 4G - > Select Voice and Data
  • How to check if VoLTE is available
    • Settings -> General -> About -> Carrier
  • Tap on Carrier, it will change to IMS Status: Voice & SMS