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Get ready for a future with super-fast, ultra-reliable connections, low latency and massive bandwidth, powered by the 5G technology. This next-generation network is all set to bring entirely new possibilities and advance the way Malaysians live, work and play.

Let’s Build 5G Together!

Through strategic collaboration and smart partnerships, we are developing an all-inclusive and vibrant 5G ecosystem where capabilities, skills and business opportunities can flourish.


Introducing Malaysia's first 5G OpenLab

We believe that our innovators should have an opportunity to turn brilliant ideas into future realities. We bring you this opportunity with our 5G OpenLab, located in Cyberjaya. It is a collaborative space that allows creators among academia, start-ups, and businesses to benefit from 5G’s high speed, massive bandwidth, and ultra-low latency connectivity – today!
Explore possibilities for your solutions and be a game changer in digital Malaysia.

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A Glimpse into the Future - Potential 5G Applications

As a part of Malaysia’s 5G Demonstration Project (5GDP) led by the Malaysian Communications & Multimedia Commission (MCMC), we have run live trials to explore how 5G technology can help advance society and transform businesses. Take a look at these applications of 5G across various verticals - education, tourism, healthcare, and entertainment, and get to know the endless possibilities of this technology.

Virtual Makerspace (Collaborative VR)

A virtual maker space that connects users from multiple locations to learn, collaborate and innovate in a safe environment.
Benefit: Revolutionise real-time collaboration across geographical locations and space limitations.

Interactive AR with Avatar

An interactive, mixed reality experience with virtual tourist guides to help you explore a city with the use of landmarks and attractions as markers.
Benefit: The solution works as a tourist information centre on-the-go.

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)

Exploring the possibilities of wireless Gigabits per second speed connections to homes and other premises.
Benefit: Providing Internet access to remote areas, which could catalyse modernisation and change for Malaysians in these areas.

Real-Time Medical Data Transfer

Real-time patient health data can be shared from the emergency department or ambulance directly to the specialists’ devices. A live test was conducted by us at Hospital Sultanah Aminah in Langkawi.
Benefit: The continuous streaming of patient data will improve healthcare experiences and save more lives.

Virtual Tourism

Tourists get to experience a 360-degree view of attractions via live streaming of 4K HD videos when they arrive at the Langkawi Airport.
Benefit: This solution could potentially enable differently-abled people to experience remote and unreachable attractions, from any part of the world.