If I am already on Digi Unlimited Daily Internet Roaming, can I still subscribe to Roaming Pass?

Yes, but separate charges for both packages will apply. The standard Internet Roaming charges shall apply if your 'Data Roaming' has already been enabled prior to your Roaming Pass purchase. Should you purchase to any Roaming Pass on the same day, you will be charged for both the Digi Unlimited Internet Roaming + Roaming Pass. For example, if you were already roaming on Telstra in Australia with Digi Unlimited Daily Internet Roaming and subsequently purchase Roam-1Day-RM5, you will be charged RM36+RM5= RM41 for the same day. We advise that you enable your 'Data Roaming' or 'Cellular Data/Mobile Data' function only after you have purchase a Roaming Pass to avoid multiple charges.