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Malaysians have lost more than RM750mil to scams in the last three years. Fraudsters are using different methods and channels to trick their victims every day.
Learn more about these five most common scams and frauds to which a large number of people fall victim to.

Wangiri Scam Call or Vishing Social Media Scam SMS Scams Malware
Social media scam

What are Social Media Scams?

Similar to scam calls, fraudsters can also connect and scam their victims via social media or other popular websites such as or


Social Media Scams

 Modus Operandi

The fraudster typically uses various tactics to gain your personal information such as banking details. Some of them include:

  • Luring victims by showing attractive promotions on fake social media accounts and/or websites.
  • Getting in touch with victims and offering them free gift cards.
  • Catfishing through dating apps.
What to look out for ?

What to look out for?

Offers that are too good to be true.
Accounts/profiles that do not look genuine or appear to be inconsistent.


How to respond?

Do not be too quick to believe in offers that are too good to be true.
Refer to authorized Digi retail stores/dealers to validate promotions.
Do not share personal/sensitive information like OTP codes.


You come across a lucrative promotional poster on Facebook. iPhone 11 pro is going for only RM500! You remembered how long you have been wanting to own one and immediately click on the Facebook profile. You noticed it is not a verified account and the postings are inconsistent.

Nevertheless, you dropped them a message about the offer. They said you are lucky because only a limited number of iPhones are left, and all you need to do is transfer the money to them immediately so they can have your iPhone 11 Pro shipped.

What’s your next action?


You receive a message from a friend on social media who has lost your contact. He asks for your phone number.

As soon you as give it to him, he drops you a message and tells you that he is currently helping out a charity organisation, and would appreciate if you could help to make a contribution. All you have to do is share your OTP which will be sent to you via SMS from your bank or from Digi.

What would you do?


You receive a message on social media stating you have just won a free shopping gift card worth RM500. You don’t remember joining any social media contests, but are delighted to have won anyway.

Next, you are asked to share your details including your phone number, IC number, credit card number together with the three-digit pin so you can automatically redeem the card for immediate usage.

What do you do?


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