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Malaysians have lost more than RM750mil to scams in the last three years. Fraudsters are using different methods and channels to trick their victims every day.
Learn more about these five most common scams and frauds to which a large number of people fall victim to.

Wangiri Scam Call or Vishing Social Media Scam SMS Scams Malware

What is Wangiri?

It is a method of generating short calls and leaving missed call notifications on people’s phones. Each one rings just once and then hangs up.



 Modus Operandi

Fraudsters leave a missed call to victims (typically from international numbers) which then deceives the victim to return the call where they will get charged at premium rates. During the callback, fraudsters will try to keep victims on the line as long as possible, either with a real person talking on the other end or an IVR message playing, and this is how they earn revenue while the victim is charged an exorbitant rate for the call.

What to look out for

What to look out for?

Short call durations, or missed calls
typically with international numbers.


How to respond?

Avoid calling back when you get an international missed call.
If in case you call back to a premium rate number, disconnect the call immediately.
Do not share any personal information.
Report to your mobile operator and provide them with details of the number from which you received a call.


Your phone rings only once and then stops. When you check it, you notice that the dialler was an international number with a different country code which you do not recognise.

What do you do?


You return a missed call with an international country code, thinking in case it could be an urgent matter. When the call is connected, you realise that it is picked up by an interactive voice response (IVR) message with automated announcements instead of a real person.

The announcement tells you that you will be connected to one of their operators soon.

What do you do?


You return a missed call with an international country code. When the call is connected, the person speaking on the other end is a voice whom you do not recognise or have never spoken to.

He/she keeps asking if you can hear them and keeps saying that the reception is bad, but tells you not to hang up because they urgently need to speak to you.

What do you do?


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