DIGI LIVE - Terms & Conditions

Microsoft Office 365 Personal and Microsoft Office 365 Home Services

User Terms and Conditions for the Microsoft Office 365 Personal and Microsoft Office 365 Home Services Offer from Digi

Definitions and Interpretations

1."Microsoft" means Microsoft Corporation

2."Offer" means the 1-year Microsoft Office 365 Personal at RM14.99/month or 1-year Microsoft Office 365 Home at RM19.99/month offer.

3."Product Key" means the unique alphanumeric code generated and provisioned to the Customer by Digi upon the Customer's purchase of the Offer.

4."Service" means the Microsoft Office 365 Personal and Microsoft Office 365 Home products from Microsoft.

5.Unless otherwise expressed or defined in these User T&Cs, all capitalised terms used in this User T&Cs shall have the same meaning as defined in the General Terms and Conditions which can be found at https://new.digi.com.my/cs/Satellite/Page/tnc/default/tnc_general_all.

Eligibility Criteria

1.This Offer is available to Digi Postpaid Mobile and Digi Postpaid Broadband Customers as specified below (unless otherwise stated by other Digi promotions and which may be changed from time to time by Digi):

1.1Eligible Digi Postpaid Customers under:

  • Digi 38
  • Digi Postpaid 100 Infinite
  • Digi Postpaid 108 Device
  • Digi Postpaid 110
  • Digi Postpaid 110 All Day
  • Digi Postpaid 110 DL
  • Digi Postpaid 138 Device
  • Digi Postpaid 148
  • Digi Postpaid 148V
  • Digi Postpaid 150 Family
  • Digi Postpaid 150 Infinite
  • Digi Postpaid 198V Device
  • Digi Postpaid 238
  • Digi Postpaid 238V
  • Digi Postpaid 250 Family
  • Digi Postpaid 28
  • Digi Postpaid 28V
  • Digi Postpaid 48
  • Digi Postpaid 48 Promo
  • Digi Postpaid 48 SAC
  • Digi Postpaid 48V
  • Digi Postpaid 50
  • Digi Postpaid 50 New
  • Digi Postpaid 58
  • Digi Postpaid 68
  • Digi Postpaid 68V
  • Digi Postpaid 70 SAC
  • Digi Postpaid 78 Device
  • Digi Postpaid 78V
  • Digi Postpaid 80
  • Digi Postpaid 80 All Day
  • Digi Postpaid 80 Infinite
  • Digi Postpaid 90
  • Digi Postpaid 98
  • Digi Postpaid 98 SAC
  • Digi Postpaid 98V
  • Digi Postpaid Ambassador 38
  • Digi Postpaid Ambassador 68


1.2Eligible Digi Broadband Customers under:

  • Broadband 4GB Day
  • Broadband 4GB
  • Broadband 6GB
  • Broadband 10GB
  • Broadband SuperSIM 6GB
  • Broadband SuperSIM 4GB Day
  • Broadband SuperSIM 4GB
  • Broadband SuperSIM 10GB
  • Tablet 500MB
  • Tablet 1GB
  • Tablet 1.5GB
  • Tablet 2GB
  • Tablet 6GB
  • Tablet 200MB
  • Tablet X45(obs)
  • Tablet X-45
  • Tablet SuperSIM 500MB
  • Tablet SuperSIM 1GB
  • Tablet SuperSIM 1.5GB
  • Tablet SuperSIM 2GB
  • Tablet SuperSIM 6GB
  • Tablet SuperSIM 200MB
  • MPPro Tablet
  • Supp Sim Data
  • Data Only Sim
  • Broadband Only Sim
  • DiGi Broadband Discover Disc
  • DiGi Broadband Explore 10GB
  • DiGi Broadband Extreme 20GB
  • DiGi Broadband Promo Package
  • DiGi Broadband Explore Plus
  • DiGi Broadband Discover Campus
  • DiGi Broadband Explore Pro
  • DiGi Broadband Explore 16GB
  • DiGi Broadband Discover 4GB
  • DiGi Broadband Explore 12GB
  • DiGi Broadband Discover 3GB
  • DiGi Broadband Discover Day
  • DiGi Broadband Discover 1GB
  • DiGi Broadband Explore 6GB
  • DiGi Tablet 500MB
  • DiGi Tablet 1GB
  • DiGi Tablet 1.5GB
  • DiGi Tablet 2GB
  • DiGi Broadband Discover 4GB Day
  • Broadband Staff
  • DiGi BB Demo 10GB
  • Broadband Ambassador
  • DiGi iPad Lite
  • DiGi iPad Basic
  • DiGi iPad Pro
  • DiGi Broadband SuperSIM 100MB
  • DiGi Broadband SuperSIM 1GB
  • DiGi Broadband SuperSIM 6GB
  • DiGi Tablet 500MB SuperSIM
  • DiGi Tablet 1GB SuperSIM
  • DiGi Tablet 1.5GB SuperSIM
  • DiGi Tablet 2GB SuperSIM
  • Tablet Basic
  • MPLite Tablet
  • Broadband 25
  • Broadband 45
  • Broadband 65
  • Broadband 25 (Supp)
  • Broadband 45 (Supp)
  • Broadband 65 (Supp)
  • Broadband 85
  • Broadband 105
  • Broadband 85 (Supp)
  • Broadband 105 (Supp)
  • Broadband 105 (New)
  • Broadband 65 (New Supp)
  • Broadband 85 (New Supp)
  • Broadband 105 (New Supp)
  • Broadband 145
  • Broadband 185
  • Broadband 145 (Supp)
  • Broadband 185 (Supp)
  • Broadband Monthly RM60
  • Broadband Monthly RM100
  • Broadband Monthly RM60 (Supp)
  • Broadband Monthly RM100 (Supp)
  • Broadband Ambassador RM70



2.Digi Prepaid Customers and Digi enterprise plans Customers are not eligible to this Offer.

3.Each Customer is entitled to purchase one (1) Offer only, i.e. either Microsoft Office 365 Personal at RM14.99/month or Microsoft Office 365 Home at RM19.99/month. Subscription to the Service is subject to availability from Microsoft.

4.Use of the Service is subject to the Customer's acceptance of Microsoft's End User License Agreement (the "Microsoft EULA") available at http://download.microsoft.com/Documents/UseTerms/Office%20365_Home_English_93719389-cf63-4f78-b24c-94bbd9227a5a.pdf. In addition, the Customer is solely responsible for ensuring that he/she has access to the compatible devices to use the Service, which can be found at https://products.office.com/en-my/mobile/office.

The Offer and the Mechanics

1.Digi shall make available to the eligible Customers the subscription of Microsoft Office 365 Personal at RM14.99/month billed in twelve (12) equal monthly instalments (RM179.88 per annum), or Microsoft Office 365 Home at RM19.99/month billed in twelve equal monthly instalments (RM239.88 per annum) (unless otherwise stated by other Digi promotions). The billing shall be carried out through the Customer's monthly bill. Billing for the Service will commence from the Customer's next monthly bill upon the purchase of the Offer by the Customer from Digi, regardless of whether the Customer activates the Product Key to gain access to the Service with Microsoft.

2.Upon acceptance of the Customer's purchase of the Offer, Digi will issue a Product Key to the Customer along with instructions to activate the access to the Service from Microsoft. There shall be no refund for the Offer and the Customer shall activate the Service from Microsoft within three (3) months from the date of receipt of the Product Key.

3.The Customer must not disclose the Product Key to any person and shall not permit or authorise any other person to use the Product Key to the Service. Digi may treat any activation for the Service at any time by the use of the Product Key issued to the Customer as activation by the Customer and the Customer shall remain liable for any such activation and use.

4.Subject to the terms of the Microsoft EULA, the Service shall be available to the Customer for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of activation of the Product Key.

5.In the event (a) the Customer chooses to stop or discontinue the Service for any reason; or (b) if the Customer is no longer a subscriber of the Digi Postpaid Mobile or Digi Postpaid Broadband service accompanying the subscription of the Service for any reason, before the instalments of the Service as specified in Clause 5 above has been fully paid, any remaining unpaid instalments shall immediately become due and payable by the Customer to Digi.

6.The Service is auto-renewed on a yearly basis. On the 12th month of the Service, Digi may send a notification to the Customer informing him/her that his/her subscription to the Service is subject to be renewed for another 12 months, and provided that the Customer does not cancel or terminate the automatic renewal of the Subscription, he/she will be charged on the following month of the same amount upon which a new Product Key will be issued to the Customer. The Customer shall now agree to be billed for the same in another twelve (12) equal monthly instalments by Digi for the Service.


1.The Customer accepts and agrees that the Offer is provided "as is" without guarantee, representation, warranty, condition, term or undertaking of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

2.The Customer acknowledges and agrees that Digi shall not be liable to the Customer for any loss, liability, costs and/or damage whatsoever (whether direct or indirect or consequential) in respect of any matter howsoever arising (whether in tort, negligence or otherwise) in connection with the provision and/or use of the Service.

3.Digi reserves the right in its absolute discretion to amend, discontinue and/or suspend the Offer without any liability to the Customer. For the avoidance of doubt, the use of the Service will not be affected in the event the Offer is amended, discontinued and/or suspended as long as the Product Key is activated as per Clause 6.

4.Digi reserves the right at its absolute discretion to vary, delete or add to any of these terms and conditions from time to time without any prior notice to the Customers as it deems fit. The Customers are advised to visit this page periodically to review the terms and conditions.

5.The Customers acknowledge that they understand the terms and conditions herein as well as the All General Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to Privacy Statement which are available on Digi's website at www.digi.com.my, and agree to abide by them.