Internet - Terms & Conditions

Postpaid Internet Top Up

1. Internet Top Up is an additional internet quota which can be purchased separately. All the unused quota will be forfeited according to the specific expiry date at the point of purchase. The additional internet quota expires by bill-cycle and there is no pro-ration or carry forward of any unused or unfinished quota.

2. Types of Internet Top Up:

  • Standard top-up package: An additional internet quota with a specific expiry date. The internet speed will be based on the regular speed of the subscribers' subscribed service plan.
  • Service quota: An additional internet quota to surf at specific websites or mobile applications only, and will expire on a specific expiry date. The internet speed will be based on the regular speed of the subscribers' subscribed service plan.

3. All Internet quota is applicable for domestic usage within Digi network only. Data roaming charges shall be charged separately according to the data roaming charges determined by Digi’s roaming partners.

4. Free Internet Top Up

  • The Free Internet / Free Internet Top Up (“Freebies”) (the "Promotion") is a promotion run by Digi for a duration as may be specified by Digi from time to time ("Promotion Period").
  • The Promotion Eligibility:

    • All Digi Postpaid Voice and Postpaid Broadband Plans subscribers with specific Internet plans are eligible to participate in the Promotion (“the Participant”).
    • For the avoidance of doubt, all other subscribers including prepaid subscribers, Pay-As-You-Use internet subscribers are excluded.
    • Digi reserves the right to reject or forfeit the Freebies at its sole and absolute discretion without having to assign any reasons whatsoever.
    • By participating in the Promotion, Participants confirm that they have obtained prior consent from their respective parents or guardians (if the Participant is below 18 years of age).
  • Promotion Mechanics:

    • During the Promotion Period, Digi shall grant the Freebies on the effective date as determined by Digi. In order to enjoy the Promotion, the Participant is required to maintain the Internet plan at the time of grant of the Freebies. Further, the Participant must maintain its status as an active subscriber and must not have an amount owing/outstanding exceeding his credit limit for the entire duration of the Promotion Period.
    • In the event the Participant's amount outstanding exceeds its credit limit and/or where the Participant amend or vary its plan or subscription to one other than the plan or subscription at the date of grant and/or if the plan or subscription is terminated or inactive, the Freebies shall be automatically forfeited.
    • The Freebies given are non-transferable, whether by operation of law or otherwise, either to any other person, entity or prepaid account.
    • The Freebies are not applicable to the usage of roaming services.
    • Please note that all Freebies granted is to be utilised within the Promotion Period and any unutilised Freebies will automatically expire.

Full Terms and Condition of Free Internet/ Free Internet Top Up, please refer here.

5. All other terms and conditions governing the use of any of Digi's mobile telecommunication services shall apply herein mutatis mutandis.