Plans - Terms & Conditions

A. Product Description

Digi WiFi, on demand WiFi hotspots over 7,000 hotspots nationwide. Stream, surf and play your on stop entertainment when you need it from as low as RM1. Find a hotspot near you at


B. Specific Terms of Use

1.Quality of Service is benchmarked at 4Mbps.

2.Upon receiving the WiFi code, customers are required to activate the WiFi code within 10 minutes. Failure to do so, the WiFi code will be expired and customers are required to request for a new WiFi code.

3.Customer is entitled to WiFi connection upon activation of a WiFi code.

4.Each WiFi pass comes with the duration of access to the WiFi and unlimited quota.

5.The charging for the service occurs upon activation of the WiFi pass.

6.1 (One) WiFi voucher can only be used to connect to 1 (one) device at any point of time during the WiFi duration of access.

7.Each WiFi code can be used to login at any Digi WiFi hotspots as long as it is still within the WiFi pass duration of access.


C. Other Applicable Terms

1.This Product is governed by this Terms of Use and the General Terms and Conditions which includes but is not limited to Digi’s Privacy Statement, Data Protection Obligations and Fair Usage Policy found on Digi's website at (collectively referred to as the "Terms"). Unless specifically defined here, terms and expressions used in this Terms of Use shall have the same meanings as may be found elsewhere in the General Terms and Conditions.

2.By using and/or subscribing to the Product, the Customers acknowledge that they understand the Terms and agree to abide by them.

3.Digi shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever to the Customers for any claims, proceedings, loss, damage, costs or expenses of any kind whatsoever suffered or incurred as a direct or indirect result of the utilization of the Product.

4.Digi reserves the right to add, modify, upgrade, amend, change, remove, suspend or cancel any of the terms relating to the Product from time to time without any prior notice and consent of the Customers. The continued use of the Product following any changes to the Terms of Use constitutes an acceptance to those changes (if any). The Customers are advised to visit this page periodically to review the Terms of Use.

5.For the avoidance of doubt, such addition, modification, upgrading, amendment, changes, removal, suspension or cancellation does not entitle the Customers to any claim or compensation against Digi (in cash or in kind) for any and all loss or damage suffered or incurred by the Customers as a direct or indirect result of the act of addition, modification, upgrading, amendment, changes, removal, suspension or cancellation.

6.Digi WiFi is currently offer for Digi Customers only, for non Digi Customers, please stay tune for Digi WiFi next announcement.

7.In the event there is a conflict or inconsistency between this Product Terms of Use and the General Terms and Conditions, the Product Terms of Use shall take precedence.