Plans - Terms & Conditions

Mobile Internet Max 250

1. Effective 15 March 2014, Mobile Internet Max 250 ("this Plan") shall be made available by default to ALL Digi Postpaid Call Plans except DG Postpaid Plus and DG Postpaid Plus Family ("the subscribers"") unless the subscribers decide to sign up to other Internet plans wherein the subscribers will no longer be entitled to enjoy the benefit of this Plan.

2. 50sen/10KB will be charged under this Plan for Internet usage. Upon reaching monthly Internet usage of RM250.00, subscribers shall then enjoy free domestic Internet usage until the end of each bill cycle SUBJECT to a fair usage limit of 3GB ("Free Domestic Internet Usage").

3. This Plan is optimised for Internet browsing on the mobile phone and it is not intended for peer-to-peer or file sharing applications. Digi reserves its absolute right and discretion to apply the responsive actions as set out in the Fair Usage Policy if the subscriber is suspected to have had abused the Internet Usage in whatsoever way including exceeding the fair usage limit of 3GB wherein Digi may throttle the speed or block the subscriber's Internet usage.

4. This Plan shall not be applicable to subscriber(s) roaming on other domestic or international networks. Any and all Internet usage out of Digi's network shall be considered as roaming and subscriber(s) will be charged Internet roaming charges as determined by the respective roaming operators.

5. Digi Internet Terms and Conditions, Digi Fair Usage Policy and all other terms and conditions governing the use of Postpaid Customers in relation to the utilization of Mobile Internet Max 250 shall apply herein mutatis mutandis.