Plans - Terms & Conditions

Mobile Internet Max 8

1. The terms and conditions herein govern the use of Mobile Internet Max 8 and shall be applicable only to Digi Prepaid Customers.

2.Upon reaching daily Internet usage of RM8.00, an SMS notification will be sent to the Customer and the said Customer shall then enjoy free domestic Internet usage until 11:59:59pm (Malaysian time) SUBJECT to a fair usage limit of 30MB on the same day (“Free Domestic Internet Usage”). For clarification purposes, Internet Max8 is applicable to the Customer on a daily basis from 12:00:00am to 11:59:59pm on the same day.

3.Mobile Internet Max 8 does not take into consideration any free Internet usage (in kilobytes) and/or Free Talktime (in RM) granted to Prepaid Customer(s) at any point of time. As such, any usage from the free Internet usage (in kilobytes) and/or Free Talktime (in RM) will not contribute towards the evaluated Internet usage for Mobile Internet Max 8.

4.Mobile Internet Max 8 is optimised for Internet browsing on the mobile phone and it is not intended for peer-to-peer or file sharing applications. Digi reserves its absolute right and discretion to apply the responsive actions as set out in the Fair Usage Policy if the Customer is suspected to have had abused the Internet Usage in whatsoever way including exceeding the fair usage limit of 30MB per day wherein Digi may throttle the speed or block the Customer's Internet usage.

5.Digi does not warrant or guarantee the delivery of the SMS notification to Customer(s) stated in clause 2 above.

6.Mobile Internet Max 8 shall not be applicable to Customer(s) roaming on other domestic or international networks. Any and all Internet usage out of Digi's network shall be considered as roaming and Customer(s) will be charged Internet roaming charges as determined by the respective roaming operators.

7.Mobile Internet Max 8 is given by default to all Digi's Prepaid Customer(s) unless the Customer decides to sign up to any other Internet plans wherein the said Customer will no longer be entitled to enjoy Mobile Internet Max 8.

8.Digi Internet Terms and Conditions, Digi Fair Usage Policy and all other terms and conditions governing the use of Prepaid Customers in relation to the utilization of Mobile Internet Max 8 shall apply herein mutatis mutandis.