Plans - Terms & Conditions

Super Deals Internet 1am-7am Promotion


1.This FREE Super Deals Promotion (“Promotion”) is organised by Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (“Digi”) and the Promotion is governed by these terms and conditions, and any subsequent or additional accompanying promotion details (if any) provided by Digi as well as all applicable terms and conditions including but not limited to Digi's Data Protection Obligations, Privacy Statement and Fair Use Policy found on Digi's website (collectively referred to as the “Terms”). Each Subscriber (as defined below) agrees that he/she has read and understood the Terms and by his or her participation in the Promotion, each Subscriber agrees to be bound by the Terms.


2.1.This Promotion commences on 28 December 2015 and ends on 30 June 2016 (“Promotion Period”). Digi however reserves the right to extend the Promotion Period without prior written notice.


3.1.All Digi Prepaid Subscribers (except Prepaid Smartplan, Prepaid Broadband and Prepaid Internet) shall be eligible to participate in this Promotion. The persons eligible to participate in this Promotion shall be known as “Subscribers”.

4.Promotion Mechanics:

4.1.In order to participate in the Promotion, Subscribers shall subscribe/renew to the Mobile Internet plans as below:

New IU
Base Quota
Base Quota Super Deals via redemption *888*2#
Weekly RM7
a)250MB 1am-7am
b)50MB Facebook
c)50MB YouTube N Viki
Weekly RM10
a)500MB 1am-7am
b)100MB Facebook
c)100MB YouTube N Viki
Weekly RM15
a)800MB 1am-7am
b)80MB Facebook
c)80MB YouTube N Viki
Monthly RM20
a)500MB 1am-7am
b)100MB YouTube N Viki
c)100MB Facebook
Monthly RM30
a)Unlimited 1am-7am
b)500MB YouTube N Viki
c)500MB Facebook
Monthly RM48
a)Unlimited 1am-7am
b)500MB YouTube N Viki
c)500MB Facebook
Monthly RM68
a)Unlimited 1am-7am
b)500MB YouTube N Viki
c)500MB Facebook
Monthly RM88
a)Unlimited 1am-7am
b)500MB YouTube N Viki
c)500MB Facebook

5.Promotion Entitlement:

5.1.Each Subscriber who subscribes to or renews the Digi internet packages listed in Clause 4.1 shall have an option to redeem one (1) FREE Super Deals.

5.2.Unlimited 1am-7am has a fair usage policy of 10GB to ensure good internet connectivity experience is maintained for all subscribers.

5.3.Redemption of the FREE Super Deals Internet needs to be made within 3 days of subscription successful activation/renewal. Subscribers need to redeem the FREE Super Deals Internet via UMB *888*2# upon successful renewal /subscription. Subscribers will be notified via SMS to redeem.

5.4.The Promotion Entitlement is not transferable and / or exchangeable and is not for resale. No cash alternatives will be offered in lieu of Promotion Entitlement. Digi reserves the right to replace any of the aforementioned Promotion Entitlement with another entitlement of equivalent value without prior notice.

5.5.The Promotion Entitlement shall only be applicable and deducted accordingly for any internet usage from 1am-7am.

5.6.The Promotion Entitlement of the FREE Super Deals is not applicable to the usage of roaming services. The Subscriber shall be charged based on the Internet access rate imposed by the respective roaming operators for Internet usage whilst roaming with Digi's roaming partners.

5.7.In the event the Subscriber amends or varies his/her Digi internet plan to any other than the internet plans listed above and/or if the Digi internet plan or subscription is terminated or inactive during the Promotion Period or Validity Period (as the case may be), the Promotion Entitlement of FREE internet data will be forfeited automatically. Subscribers shall have no claim whatsoever against Digi in this regard.

5.8.Super Deal 500MB YouTube N Viki includes YouTube, Viki, TonTon and Daily Motion. Internet usage at any of this online application will deduct quota from Super Deal YouTube N Viki

5.9.Digi reserves the right at its absolute discretion to vary, delete or add to any of these Terms from time to time without prior notice as it deems fit.

5.10.By participating in the Promotion, subscribers agree to be bound by these Terms and the Digi’s decision in relation to any matter arising under this Promotion is final and no correspondences shall be entertained.

6.A fair usage policy will be applied to all free internet quota awarded by Digi and relevant action will be taken at Digi’s discretion in the event of internet usage which is deemed beyond reasonable level.

7.In the last day of the month, policy management activity may take place and usage experience may be impacted. The Subscriber will be compensated with a fresh Unlimited 1-7am and Music Freedom in the 1st of the following month. The compensation is subject to the subscriber having an active internet plan.