Plans - Terms & Conditions

Switch to Digi

1.1MNP is the ability of the Customer to change from one mobile service provider to another mobile service provider and to retain their mobile number subject to the terms and conditions herein appearing.
1.2A Prepaid and/or Postpaid Customer who wishes to port need to submit a ‘port in’ request to Digi and is subject to Digi's existing terms and conditions for new registration and to existing geographical numbering requirements..
Prerequisite conditions for porting:
  • The mobile number to be ported must be active at the time of the request;
  • Customer must provide valid identifications including, but not limited to, MyKAD, Armed Forces Identification Card and/ or Passport;
  • Customer must not have any outstanding and/or overdue amounts/contractual obligations with the current mobile service provider;
  • the mobile numbers must be in the range of mobile numbers as approved by Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) from time to time;
  • Upon request, Customer must provide all other information to Digi.
1.4Customer who wishes to port in must adhere to the terms and conditions including the procedures and processes prevailing at the time of request to port outlined by Digi which can be found in Digi's website or any other website designated by Digi from time to time and/or any other government agencies' website.
1.5Digi shall not be responsible and/or liable for any interruption and/or delay in approving and/or providing the Services to Customers arising out of the current mobile service operator non-adherence to the porting process.
1.6The Service is provided on "as is" basis.
1.7Customer's request to port in shall be treated as a new application and is subject to Digi's terms and conditions herein contained and represent a notice to terminate any agreement that the Customer has with the current mobile service operator.
1.8All of your services associated with the ported-out mobile number provided by Digi will be terminated when the SIM card is deactivated.
1.9Any call(s) or SMS or MMS or any other means of communications initiated by the Customer to the mobile number(s) that have ported out from Digi will be charged as per Digi's standard charges applicable to inter network communications (calls made from Digi to other telecommunications operators' subscriber).
1.10Effective from March 2020, porting requests for refunds are to be submitted only via the Digi website     (, customer is require to log-in their MyDigi account. All refund requests need to be initiated immediately or, in any event, within 7 days from the date of purchase of the product.
1.11In a port out scenario, any remaining credit and free Talktime/SMS/MMS/Downloads/GPRS usage/Redemption Point (given by Digi) will be expired and forfeited upon successful port out.
1.12In a port in scenario, any remaining credit and free Talktime/SMS/MMS/Downloads/GPRS usage/Redemption Point (given by the customer's current service provider) will be expired and forfeited upon successful port in.
As per details stipulated by the Customer in the Portal, the accuracy of which is the sole responsibility of the Customer, Digi undertakes to fulfil delivery of the said SIM Card to the Customer:
  • in accordance to the address for delivery or the registered address whichever is applicable as selected by the Customer;
  • at the stated time; and
  • within 3 working days of Digi's receipt of the request
Notwithstanding the above Digi hereby fully reserves the right to reject the port-in request and/or refuse delivery of the SIM card to the Customer for any reason whatsoever, which is deemed reasonable by Digi including but not limited to:
  • Rejection of the porting in process as deemed by the Clearing House designated by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission;
  • Failure to comply with financial credit worthiness as deemed required by Digi;
  • Failure to comply with porting out process as set out by the Originating Operator
  • Geographical locality of the Delivery address due to accessibility of the same
  • Failure by the Customer to attend personally to the delivery during the stipulated time period
  • Attempted receipt of the SIM Card by a proxy howsoever authorized by the Customer
3.1By registering and requesting to port in and upon successful registration as Digi's customer, the Customer hereby agrees and acknowledges that they are also bound by all other terms and conditions stipulated in the Registration Agreement (RA) governing the use of any of Digi's Service