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5G OpenLab


5G OpenLab is a collaboration between Digi and Cyberview to facilitate, build and nurture the development of a potential 5G ecosystem in a live but controlled environment.

5G OpenLab is offering individuals and/or corporates to develop solution(s) (with requirements of at least hundreds of Mbps speed, extremely low latency in single digit millisecond, ultra reliable mobile connection and/or massive connectivity) to be tested using the 5G network.


The 5G OpenLab’s main objective is to help local companies, technology providers and/or universities to grow a 5G ecosystem through tests and trials of the 5G use cases and applications. We believe that collaboration through tests and trials is the key to explore use cases that are relevant to Malaysia.

‘Test Use Case’ Focus Area

The 5G OpenLab focus areas for the use cases are as below:

  • Smart City
  • Smart Healthcare
  • Smart Mobility
  • Creative Digital

The selection of use cases is not limited only to the focus areas above but may also be extended to other use case verticals, if required.

Eligibility and Terms

  • Application for the ‘test use case’ is only applicable to applicants from local universities, and/or companies duly established/incorporated in Malaysia.
  • All applicants shall submit the duly completed online application form with the corresponding project proposal, on or before the specified closing date.
  • All applications will be managed by a committee that will be led by a representative from Digi and Cyberview.
  • The proposed ‘test use case’ shall be relevant to the focus areas as mentioned above and shall include the elements of technical requirements proposed.
  • All short-listed applications will be notified and they shall present the project proposal to the committee on the date as informed through the notification.
  • Digi and Cyberview reserve the right to modify or reject the application if any of the terms and conditions mentioned herein or as set by Digi and Cyberview are not complied with.
  • Each applicant is allowed to submit more than one proposal, however, the final selection will be determined by the committee at its sole discretion.
  • By using the 5G OpenLab, the applicant hereby agrees to test only relevant equipment and/or application within the 5G OpenLab that is legal and permissible by the law of Malaysia. Digi and Cyberview shall not be liable or responsible in any form or manner for any legal proceedings, costs, claims, losses, damages or penalties arising from applicant’s illegal use of the 5G OpenLab.
  • The Applicant shall fully indemnify and keep indemnified Digi or Cyberview against any liabilities incurred and/or suffered by Digi or Cyberview, which are caused by the act, omission, negligence or default of the applicant arising from or in connection with application’s use of the 5G OpenLab.
  • Digi and Cyberview reserve the right to make public the name of the applicant organisation and the general nature of the proposal but will maintain confidentiality on the details of the proposal except in confidence to the committee on a need to know basis as well as when required by law and/or any regulators.
  • The applicant shall submit a progress report and Evidence of Compliance (EoC) for each project milestones achieved.
  • The applicant shall submit the outcome/result of the use case to the committee. The outcome/result will be owned by the 5G OpenLab. The applicant agrees that the outcome/result may be shared by the committee with MCMC and/or any relevant party as and when required.