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Digi Easy Up Program


1. Target list of subscribers eligible for this Offer is solely determined and selected by Digi. Limited offers are available, hence it will be offered based on first-come-first-serve basis.

2. The eligibility to subscribe to this Offer is based on a list of selective criteria of which the subscriber needs to fulfill completely:

a. Malaysian, aged 18 years and above

b. A principal line must be registered in your name and be an active account

c. You have been using Digi as your mobile for more than two (2) years

d. You have been using a Digi Postpaid plan with monthly commitment fee of RM75 and above

e. You currently do not carry an active device contract with Digi

f. No outstanding payments and blacklist history with Digi

3. This Offer is inapplicable to you if you are a commercial user and/or bulk subscriber.

4. In order to participate in this Offer, you hereby represent and warrant that:

a. You are the rightful owner of the Principal line and you have the rights to change subscription of your rate plan.

b. You are able to present the valid SMS invitation sent out by Digi at the point of sign-up.

c. Your NRIC number and mobile number match the records in Digi.

Monthly Plan

5. This Offer comes bundled with Postpaid rate plan Digi Postpaid 198, More Calls & SMS and a 4G Smartphone. The use of Digi Postpaid 198, More Calls & SMS plan bundled offers is subject to Digi Postpaid Terms and Conditions, Digi Fair Usage Policy and any other applicable terms and conditions.

6. The minimum installment period of this Offer is twenty four (24) months from the date of activation of the service by Digi (“Offer Period”). If applicable, with the acceptance of this Offer, your previous device offer contract with Digi is deemed terminated as at the date of sign up and you shall be subjected to any pre-mature contract termination penalty fee of your previous contract.

7. Depending on your selection of device choice at the point of sign up, your subscription may or may not come with a monthly premium phone fee. For devices that do not come with a premium phone fee, monthly fee of the Offer is still applicable.

8. For devices under the premium smartphone collection, a premium phone fee will be charged separately on a monthly basis throughout the installment period of twenty four (24) months at the price offered by Digi at the point of sign up. The monthly premium phone fee is independent of the monthly fee of the Offer.

9. In the event of pre-mature termination of the Offer before the completion of the installment period of twenty four (24) months, a penalty fee will be imposed. Payment of the penalty is without prejudice to collection of all monies owing us by you in accordance with your account up to the time of early termination. The penalty fee is calculated as follows: [(RRP/24) * Remaining Months]

10. Termination of this Offer amounts to a termination of the rate plan subscription. You are required to change your rate plan subscription to any Digi Postpaid plans. The availability of Digi Postpaid plans is subject to availability at that point in time.

11. During the installment period of twenty four (24) months, you shall not suspend your Digi mobile account. The Offer monthly fee and premium phone fee if applicable will continue to be charged to you in the event of suspension.

12. Unlimited Calls and SMS for Digi Postpaid 198, More Calls & SMS applies to domestic mobile/fixed on-net and off-net usages (excluding video calls, calls to special numbers, calls to toll-free 1-300/1-800 numbers and calls to 121 numbers).

13. Unlimited Calls and SMS are strictly for standard person-to-person calls or texts; and not meant for any commercial/non-personal usages. For any excessive usage, or on suspicion of fraud, any illegal practice or unusual activity in respect of the Customer’s Account with Digi, Digi at its sole and absolute discretion reserves the right at any time without being liable to the Customer or any third party to discontinue, disconnect, interrupt, bar or suspend the service for such period of time as Digi shall deem fit.

14. Unlimited Calls and SMS are non-transferable, whether by operation of law or otherwise, either to any other person, entity or any other postpaid account.

15. Unlimited Calls and SMS can only be utilized domestically i.e. within Malaysia network only. Calls and SMS made when overseas are subjected to roaming charges. The subscriber shall be charged based on the calls and/or SMS rates imposed by the respective Digi roaming operators for calls and/or SMS usage while roaming with Digi’s overseas roaming partners.

16. All other services that are not included as part of the Bundled Offers such as International Direct Dialing (IDD), International Roaming (IR) etc. are chargeable based on usage on a Pay-As-You-Use (PAYU) basis and rates applicable are based on standard IDD and IR rates, subject to Digi’s pricing for such services as amended from time to time.

17. In the event Customer does not fully utilize the Internet allocation, the balance Internet allocation shall be rolled over to the next bill cycle, up to a maximum of 4GB. Balance quota more than the allowable maximum limit for rollover will be forfeited.

18. Data service will be restricted once usage exceeded the Total Internet Quota allocated. However, customers may opt to purchase Internet Quota Top Up to continue surfing the Internet at regular speed. Data service allocated within the plan(s) is exclusively for domestic usage only.

19. Auto billing discount of 5% off monthly total bill will be given for six (6) months from the date of subscription to subscribers who sign up for the auto billing service.

20. General Digi terms and conditions including the Fair Usage Policy apply.

21. We reserve the rights without liability to revise the terms, plan(s) and our pricing. Where reasonably practicable, we will give you reasonable advance notice of such changes and all previous versions of our materials will be superseded. You accept you are responsible for regularly reviewing information on the plan(s) and service(s). For the avoidance of doubt, such alteration does not entitle the subscribers to any claim or compensation against Digi (in cash or in kind) for any and all loss or damage suffered or incurred by the subscribers as a direct or indirect results of the act of alteration.

Yearly Device Upgrade

22. Upon signing up for this Offer, you are automatically entitled to upgrade to a new device model or a different device brand after a minimum of twelve (12) months starting from month thirteen (13) onwards from the start date of registration of the Offer at no additional fee (“Yearly Device Upgrade”). The selection of devices available at the point of device upgrade is subject to availability of the devices offered by Digi.

23. To be eligible for device upgrade, you must:

a. Return your device in good working conditions as stipulated in clause 25 and 26

b. Fulfill at least twelve (12) months stay on this Offer in order for us to waive-off the remaining months of your Offer monthly fee

c. Upgrade your device before the Offer period of twenty four (24) month ends. If you do not upgrade your device within the Offer period, you will not be required to return your device thereafter.

24. To be eligible for yearly device upgrade, the device returned must fulfil the following criteria:

a. The eligible device must be able to power on and off and battery is able to charge normally when plugged into a charger

b. The screen is fully functional and does not have cracks

c. Activation lock and/or screen lock has been disabled and the device must be disconnected from any cloud storage account.

d. Casing is not cracked and there are no missing or non-functional buttons.

e. The device is not damaged by water or liquid.

f. IMEI number can be retrieved from the device and the IMEI matches the record in Digi.

g. For cases of device replacement, to present official service receipt from authorized service centre.

25. Prior to handing over your old device during the device upgrade process, it is your sole responsibility to be aware of the following actions:

a. Remove the SIM card and/or memory card (if any) in your return device along with any accessories.

b. Back-up any data that you wish to retain before surrendering your return device to Digi. Digi is not responsible for the loss, safekeeping or maintenance in confidence of any personal information remaining in your return device once it is surrendered to Digi and you understand that such information may be accessible to third parties if you do not delete it.

c. Remove all information and data from the device. To protect your privacy, you acknowledge that before handing your device to Digi, you have erased all applications data, contacts, and personal data including but not limited to photos, messages, web browsing history, and/or passwords and other personal, confidential or sensitive data stored in your device. Digi and/or its suppliers are not responsible for removing personal, confidential and sensitive information from the device and cannot guarantee such information left on the device will be deleted. If you fail to remove all personal, confidential or sensitive information from your device, you agree to release Digi and/or its suppliers from all claims, losses or damages with respect to the use of SIM card or any personal information whether arising before or after you surrender your device to Digi.

26. You understand and agree that once the device is surrendered to Digi, the transaction is final. The device will not be returned to you.

27. You agree that Digi has the discretion to decide whether a device can be accepted, or not accepted by us. If devices returned do not meet the conditions for device upgrade, the device will not be accepted for return. You will not be eligible to upgrade your device. Our decision is final and we will not entertain any queries or appeals. You can opt to continue and fulfil the installment period of twenty-four (24) months or you can terminate your Offer and pay a penalty fee.

28. Digi reserves the right, at any time to reject collecting any device at its sole and absolute discretion without having to assign any reasons whatsoever; vary, delete or add to any of these Terms, and alter, cancel, terminate or suspend the Offer and/or any part thereof without any prior notice.

29. If your device is damaged or lost, for subscribers with device protection, you will make an arrangement for insurance claim before surrendering the device to Digi. It is your obligation to engage the Insurance Partner for device repair, replacement and/or maintenance of your device. Device Protection terms and conditions apply. Digi shall not be responsible and/or liable for any Devices and/or for any loss and/or damage whatsoever suffered by you and/or any other party.

Device Protection

30. Mobisure Plus Device Protection to cover:

a. Accidental and liquid damages

b. Snatch theft and robbery

31. The following scenarios will not be covered under Mobisure Plus Device Protection:

a. Pick-pocketing, loss and mysterious disappearance

b. Left at or in any form of vehicles and public or open places

c. Wear and tear and deliberate damage by user

d. Warranty defects – electronic or mechanical failures

e. Any incident that occurs whilst during any water sports or water activities

f. Damage arising from natural disasters

32. During the Offer period, should you lose the device or should it get stolen, you must follow the process for insurance claim for replacement via the insurance partner, AmTrust Mobile Solutions Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

33. All Mobisure products and services ("Mobisure Services") are deemed provided to customer solely and independently by AmTrust Mobile Solutions Malaysia Sdn. Bhd from MAA Takaful. All queries, technical support requests, complaints and/or other issues arising out of or in relation to Mobisure Services shall be forwarded to AmTrust Mobile Solutions Malaysia Sdn. Bhd and/or Mobisure Call Centre at 1-800-88-2878 (Mobisure Plus).

34. Digi does not, in any manner, whether expressed or implied, endorses the Mobisure Services and/or AmTrust Mobile Solutions Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Mobisure Services are provided on an "as is" basis. Digi, and their respective related and/or affiliated companies, disclaim and exclude all warranties (relating to the content, information, services relating to or in connection with the Mobisure Services and/or as provided by AmTrust Mobile Solutions Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. including but not limited to, all warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, non-infringement, compatibility, security and accuracy) and all liability to the customer or anyone else (for any loss or injury or any direct, indirect, special, exemplary, consequential damages, or any damages whatsoever including but not limited to loss of use, data, revenue or profits, whether in action of contract, negligence or other tortious action, arising out of or in connection with Customer's application and/or account with Mobisure Services and/or AmTrust Mobile Solutions Malaysia Sdn. Bhd).

35. Mobisure Terms & Conditions shall apply as per stipulated in www.mobisure.com.my.

36. These Mobisure Terms and Conditions shall also be subject to Digi's Privacy Statement and Digi's General Terms & Conditions including where payment are collected for AmTrust Mobile Solutions Malaysia Sdn. Bhd and/or Mobisure Services.