Digital Inclusion
Reducing Inequalities by Enabling Digital Inclusion for the underserved and underprivileged communities.
Digi Academy
What is Digi Academy (DA)?
Digi Academy is a platform to provide future skills learning to secondary school students. Kicking off since mid-2018, the programme is conducted in selected Digi-managed Internet Centres located nationwide. The programme, facilitated by the centers’ own managers are conducted structurally in a classroom format in accordance to a set of weekly modules. The centre managers are given periodical training by qualified trainers and progresses are monitored closely by the programme committee.

DA focuses on giving students, primarily from the urban poor and rural setting, an early head start into 21st century skills – coding, programming, entrepreneurial and making skills, which would prepare them for a digital future. Digi Academy in support from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is part of Digi Sustainability’s efforts in reducing the digital gaps that exists between societies, by making future skills learning opportunities inclusive to all.

Learning Focus Areas
We believe that future skills learning is fundamental in providing a good foundation for the needs of tertiary learning and future job market. Our programme at DA focuses on a mix of core technical and non-technical skills. Core technical would cover everything a student needs to know to get them started in programming microcontrollers (Arduino). This would be complimented by other elective subjects that include understanding Makerthon concepts, 3D printing and content creation. Non-technical skills would cover topics ranging from design thinking, business modelling and pitching techniques. We strongly believe by focusing on these skills collectively, would give students the much needed advantage to deepen their understanding and enthusiasm into computational thinking, and business related topics.

Certification & Other Opportunities
Upon completion of the programme, eligible students will be conferred a certification for completion of the programme. The certification is only accorded for those who have completed all the requirements as set forth in the programme and this includes attendance, participation in classroom activities, scores from accumulated lesson practicals, and project work.

The organisers, from time to time, may extend experiential incentives to the participating student, in the form of educational trips or participation in bootcamps or exhibitions. This again will purely depend on student merits, and selection will be up to the sole discretion of Digi and its partners.

The programme is currently being offered in 20 Digi managed Internet centres in Selangor, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan. Please do reach out to the nearest internet centre and our internet centre managers shall be able to advise on how you could enrol your child into the programme.

Interested to collaborate or want to find out more? Talk to us.

We’re always on the lookout of how this programme can positively impact more communities. If you wish to collaborate with us, have a feedback to improve or have any other queries related to the programme, please do reach us as follows. Our officers will be in touch soonest.

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