Winning Team

Building future ready talents and a culture that inspires everyday innovation.
In this new-age of disruption, automation, digital platforms and other innovations are changing the fundamental nature of work, drawing the fine line even closer between man and machine. Realising this, we practice a strong culture that focuses on developing talent, and believe that everyone should have the opportunity to grow and inspire. Our people grow through experiences, exposures and education, where a great emphasis is placed through learning on the job, supported by programmes that enhance their knowledge and capabilities.

Digital frontrunners

We aspire to create a positive workplace culture, anchored on attracting passionate talents and providing continuous growth opportunities. We are a company focused on being customer-obsessed and innovation-led in running our business and creating positive experiences for our customers.

Our approach to Innovation 360 is to inspire, equip and enable employees to adopt and apply innovation to their way of work every day. Guided by our refreshed values of Always Explore and Create Together, complimented by Being Respectful and Keeping Promises, we aim to do different things or to do things differently.
Design sprints are conducted frequently for departments and project groups to improve agility and to promote a red way of work (prototyping, fail fast and innovate). We had nine departmental sprints and multiple innovation bootcamps for key functions within the organisation such as Customer Management and Technology, and engaged 680 Digizens through these sessions.

Digital Day is an annual one-day event dedicated for all employees to internalise our digital ambition. This year, we saw over 1,300 Digizens actively engage in the speaker series, roundtable forums, exhibitions and master classes conducted throughout the day.

Meanwhile, the Red Explorer Team (RET) was introduced to encourage participation of employees who aspire to be an intrapreneur and work on high impact digital projects. Two RET teams were formed comprising of eight selected employees who hatched ideas into prototypes over the course of the year. One idea is being developed into a health wearable product while the other is a WiFi-enabled service.
Telenor Ignite is organised by the Telenor Group as a global platform for intrapreneurs from different Telenor markets to develop their ideas into a product or service. Season 3 saw four teams from Digi pitching in the ‘Top 18’ finals. Team Eureka, with a predictive solution to address network complaints was crowned the winner for the season.

The third edition of the CXO Apprentice Programme paired talented young graduates with Digi’s CXOs for a year, giving them opportunities to be part of high-impact projects and front-row seats to business decision-making. Nine out of 870 bright young minds were selected based on their ability to solve key business challenges using a digital frontrunner mindset. This year, the programme focused on reaching out to Malaysian students studying abroad, along with more outreach to local public universities, resulting in a very diverse application pool. A game-based assessment was employed to better understand the candidates and help with the filtering process. Candidates who made through the shortlisting were then invited to Digi for individual and group assessment process, including one where they were required to be product managers, having to create new products and pitch their ideas within an hour. This was done to look into how well the candidates could think rapidly and work independently on their own as well as in a group. The Digi CXO Apprentice Programme has been crafted to allow the apprentices to spend their last few months assimilating themselves into their future roles to ensure a smooth transition from the apprenticeship to their new roles in Digi.

Employee Effectiveness Survey 2018

Our annual Employee Effectiveness Survey (Our Voice) released in November last year, showed a 1% increase (from 2017) in both Engagement and Enablement, at 78% and 76% respectively, and we achieved a 98% response rate (1,536 respondents). These scores also surpass the Engagement and Enablement scores for Telenor Group by 1% and 2% respectively. The survey provides an opportunity for employees to express their views about working at Digi. Findings show that majority of employees have a good grasp of the company’s strategy and believes that good governance is practiced across the business functions.

Diversity and Inclusion

Digi was the sole Malaysian company to make it to the Top 50 in the Thomson Reuters Global Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Index for 2018. The D&I Index ratings are benchmarked against Thomson Reuters environmental, social and governance (ESG) data, which measures over 24 metrics clustered across four key pillars: Diversity, Inclusion, News & Controversies and People Development. Among the issues considered are Board Gender Diversity, Women Employees, Diversity, Flexible Working Hours, Employee Satisfaction and Career Development Processes.
We believe in having a diverse and inclusive workforce at all levels of the organisation. Our Board level has a 57% composition of women board members with the appointment of Ms Anne Karin Kvam as Non-Independent and Non-Executive Director in October 2018. The Management team consists of 25% women representation while our leadership comprises of 46% women leaders.

Talent and Culture

We believe in building a fulfilling workplace, inspired through a common understanding of shared-value between management and employees. A people-first approach remains a key priority for sustained competitiveness and growth in our HR strategy.

Leadership and expert training programmes are provided periodically to prepare aspiring leaders for the next step in their career progression. Selected leaders joined the Telenor Strategy Execution Programme, organised by Telenor Group with INSEAD, out of which eight graduated with distinctions. Among others, the programme is carried out with the following anticipated outcomes :
  • To have a clear, aligned understanding of what it means to be a digital services provider
  • To learn how to organise, measure progress and develop people in a truly ambidextrous organisation
  • To plan for strategising and leading in uncertainty
  • To foster cross-functional collaboration and adopt an empowering leadership style
  • To commit to challenging past ways of working and striving for continuous self-development
Face-to-face quarterly townhall sessions are conducted involving all Digizens in the company, where the Management team provides both financial and non-financial updates. This among others, covers reiterating on the organisation’s purpose and alignment to business strategies, quarterly financial performances, new products and service offerings, people related matters, and environmental and social impact.

Labour and Employee Representation

Digi is a professional and inclusive workplace that observes the International Labour Organisation (ILO)'s fundamental conventions. We recognise and respect the right to freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining within national laws and regulations. We do not employ or contract child labour or any form of forced or compulsory labour, as defined by ILO fundamental conventions. We are also opposed to all forms of discriminatory practices and do our best to promote equality in all employment practices. We do this by constantly promoting a working environment where employees are encouraged to speak up and share their views on all matters affecting employee welfare and engagement, productivity as well as operational and process improvements. Our Best on People Council (BOPC) and Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd Employees Union (DGEU) comprising elected employee representatives from across the Company work in close collaboration with the Management in addressing all matters raised by employees.

We signed our second Collective Agreement with DGEU on 9 April 2018, in the presence of the Director-General of Industrial Relations from the Industrial Relations department under the Ministry of Human Resources, the President of UNI Malaysia Labour Centre (UNI-MLC) and Telenor Group’s Chief Human Resource Officer. The renewed Collective Agreement binds new variations to terms and conditions of service and will remain in force until December 2020.

Employee Health and Safety

Digi pioneered the adoption of ISO 45001:2018 Occupation Health and Safety Management System certification in the industry to ensure enhanced compatibility with wide range of national health and safety management standards.
The ISO 45001:2018, is the world’s first international standard for occupational health and safety management, and provides a framework to increase safety, reduce workplace risks and enhance health and well-being at work for all organisations
This reaffirms our commitment towards a safe and sustainable workplace for all employees. We continue to enhance competency for our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) team members, established a new HSE Policy Statement, analysed non-operational risk for the organisation and upgraded our HSE manuals among others.

Having achieved a year of zero lost time injury frequency (LTIF)1 in 2017, we recorded one significant employee injury in 2018 with our LTIF at 0.27* per million hours of work. Employees percentage in sickness absence frequency2 recorded a marginal increase of 0.05% for 2018, settling in at 1.09%. (*assured by KPMG)

  1. Lost-Time Injury frequency (LTIF) measures all work related fatal accidents and lost time injuries for employees per million worked hours.
  2. Sickness absence frequency measures the absence rate of employee against the total number of available working days

Our First Aid emergency hotline is supported by a MRT comprising of Digi volunteers trained to handle medical equipment such as trauma quick response kits, automated external defibrillators and oxygen packs. In 2018, our 30 volunteers received their training certification from the Emergency Care & Safety Institute, United States.

Since 2016, we embarked on five year long-term strategy to promote greater health and well-being for our employees.

D’Gym Classes
We increased our gym class offerings to include metafit, zumba, circuit training, tabata and kickboxing. 2,500 gym class registrations were recorded in the year, an increase from 500 a year ago.

Digi Wellness Programme
We executed an eight-week wellness challenge to promote healthier lifestyles and weight management. 260 employees undertook the fitness challenges, gained nutrition awareness and are practicing good lifestyle habits.

No Lift Day
Every Friday is observed as a No Lift Day, and all employees at D’House (Digi’s Headquarters complex) are encouraged to use the stairs instead. One lift is maintained functional for the physically challenged or unwell employees to use.

No Smoking Day
16 October 2018 was officially celebrated as a No Smoking Day in Digi, whereby smoking was completely prohibited within the office vicinity. This is to encourage employees to reduce or to quit smoking.