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Pioneering New Possibilities Together

Digital transformation is accelerating and organisations are embracing the change. Driven by a vision to excel, you are redefining the future of your business. Thriving on this vision, Digi Business constantly raises the bar with an industry-leading network, business solutions and services, all designed to support you and your organisation.

Purpose-built Solutions

Customising connectivity & providing managed services for business transformation.

Next-Gen IOT

Empowering digitalisation for smart automation & advanced business operations.

A.I. Implementation

Powering big data & machine learnings for Artificial Intelligence applications.

MEF 3.0 Certified

A leading ecosystem of international industry experts driving enterprise digital transformation.

IoT Solutions - Oil & Gas

Secure and smooth operations are some of the factors most critical in the offshore oil and gas industry. Our range of innovative IoT solutions will empower your organisation to address real business challenges in this economically strategic and critical industry.

Our Solutions

From improving operational efficiency through M2M trackers on mobile assets, using sensors for collecting and transmitting real-time data to a Central Management System (CMS) without human intervention, to providing secure connectivity and LTE coverage, Digi’s IoT solutions help you take swift action that improves your market efficiency, cut costs, reduces waste and environmental damage.

IoT Application

Operational Efficiency and Reduced Cost

M2M trackers can be placed anywhere, on rigs, pipeworks or even be carried by workers. Trackers on mobile assets help monitor their location in real-time and alert the security team in case of any mishaps. On pipes and valves, it can monitor oil and gas flow and alert in cases of leaks thus allowing you to take swift action without having the need to send engineers to conduct routine equipment maintenance.

Secure Connectivity

Secure Connectivity & Protection

Our comprehensive security solutions, connectivity products for critical business operations and multiple layers of protection to secure infrastructures of any size, enable us to extend our solutions beyond upstream operations and help protect your corporate infrastructure from malicious entities.

Offshore LTE

Offshore LTE

The highly reliable and secure LTE coverage that leverages on Malaysia’s largest network helps businesses to connect critical infrastructure with IoT technology, monitors equipment in operation centres at some of the world’s most remote locations and extreme conditions, brings faster wireless speeds, low latency and supports more connections in a cost-efficient manner.

Why Choose Digi

We are Malaysia’s Largest Network

Fully managed connectivity

With both wired and wireless access types.

Comprehensive support

With a dedicated service management team and 24x7 service.

Privacy & security-first approach

With the right technology and processes to achieve secure networks and scalable operations.

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