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Digi AirSIM Number Share

Share Your Digi Mobile Number and Internet with your Smartwatch

Introducing Digi AirSIM 

Leave your phone behind, call and connect directly from your smartwatch with the AirSIM

Digi AirSIM Number Share is a new feature that allows you to share your mobile number with both your mobile phone and your smartwatch.

At only RM10/month, you can make or receive calls and connect to the Internet from your smartwatch directly, using the same Digi Postpaid mobile number. Leave your phone behind and enjoy connectivity straight from your smartwatch.

Benefits of an AirSIM

One number shared between two devices

Share the same mobile number and Internet with your smartwatch.

Make urgent calls straight from your smartwatch

Leave your phone behind. With LTE connectivity, you can make or receive urgent calls straight from your smartwatch with the same number.

Connect to the Internet with your smartwatch

You can share Internet with your smartwatch from the same Postpaid plan. Stay connected away from your phone.

Affordable pricing for better convenience

At only RM10 a month, you get to enjoy the convenience of Digi AirSIM.

Digi AirSIM supports the following smartwatches and more

• Apple Watch Series SE
• Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) or later

• Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (LTE) or later

What are the pre-requisites to enjoy Digi AirSIM?

Compatible Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch

Ensure you have a compatible device with the correct operating system installed (iOS 13.2 and WatchOS 6.1)

Eligible Postpaid Plan

Check if you are on an eligible Digi Postpaid rate plan.

VoLTE enabled

Check if you have Voice over LTE enabled on your mobile

Clear your bills

Ensure that you do not have any unpaid bills on your Digi Postpaid

How to Set-Up Your Digi AirSIM?

First, pair your Apple Watch to your iPhone.
Launch your Watch App, and select 'Mobile Data'. Click 'Set Up Mobile Data'.
Enter your NRIC number/Passport number/Army ID number. Accept the T&Cs and continue.
Click 'Done' to complete the subscription. The 'i' icon should appear once subscription is completed.
On your Apple Watch, swipe up to see the green LTE connection.
Tap into 'Settings', then 'General', then 'About'. ​Your Network should appear as 'Digi'.
You can now receive and make calls directly from your Apple Watch with the same mobile number!
First, pair your Samsung Galaxy Watch to your phone.
Enter your NRIC number/Passport number/Army ID number. Accept the T&Cs and continue.
Select 'Use Plan' to continue setup. Your Watch will download the AirSIM.
You will receive a SMS notification once your AirSIM is active.
Launch your Galaxy Watch App, and select 'Mobile Plans'.
Your AirSIM status will show 'ON' if AirSIM is enabled on your Watch.
On your Galaxy Watch, turn off the Bluetooth & WiFi. You will see LTE and Vo-LTE symbols when the Watch is successfully connected to Digi Network. ​

The best companion for smartwatches

Only possible with Digi AirSIM