Don’t Miss These Accessories Below RM50!

Promotion duration
11/02/22 to 31/05/22

Digi’s Accessories Sale is on again! Check out 5 value for money items that you can use daily – ALL BELOW RM50 when you use your voucher code in MyDigi.

Accessories on Sale:

Wireless Earbuds

10,000 mAh Power Bank

Fast Charge Cable (Micro USB)

Fast Charge Cable (Type C)

Fast Charge Cable (iPhone)

How to get your voucher code:

Download by opening MyDigi app:

  1. Login to your MyDigi App
  1. Tap on ‘SHOP’  
  1. Tap on the promotion card ‘Accessories below RM50’
  1. Tap on the product on sale
  1. Tap on ‘Get’  
  1. Download the reward voucher
  1. Your download is now successful and you can check your voucher in the MyRewards section  

How to use your voucher code on Digi Store Online:  

  1. From the MyRewards section, tap on the downloaded reward to view your voucher code
  1. Tap on the code to copy  
  1. Tap Go to Site and you will be directed to the specific product page on Digi Store Online
  1. Add the product to your bag
  1. Continue your checkout journey and apply the voucher code to enjoy the special discount

Meet the Contributors

Digi RAODigi RAO

Winners will be announced on 10 April 2022

Stay tuned for the results etc