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Yellow Heart

Our corporate commitment to you

The Yellow Heart Vision

Building a digital Malaysia where the Internet is a safe place for everyone, and everyone has equal access to the Internet

It begins with us

As a company, we will hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity in all that we do. As a responsible business entity, we will always be our best selves and ready to serve the community. We shall lead by example. We will be a force for good, for all.

At the heart of it all

We believe that the Internet is a shared space, a public space where connections are made, friendships grow, innovations sparked, opinions are respected and creativity blossoms. Where so much of what it takes to make the world go round happens. It’s already made the world better and oh so interesting and we’d like to do our part to make sure that its potential is never dimmed.

Mission to empower every Malaysian

We aim to make the Internet a space that is safe for all Malaysians to explore, by engendering responsible Internet usage habits, encouraging the use of data protection, exercising mutual respect for one another, and especially for those in underserved communities, with equal access to the Internet.

Staying true to the vision

The curiosity and intelligence of man means that our world will always evolve. Every day, something new impacts upon the way we learn, communicate, share and basically, live. While we will always remain true to our mission, the tools, and solutions we use will change with the times. We will always operate with responsibility and respect for one another, for our environment, for our present and for our future.

Responsible Business Through Yellow Heart

We aim to positively impact you, our customers, employees, partners and environment, beyond just legal obligations, because it is the right thing to do.

Data Protection

Safe Internet

Ethics & Compliance

Human Rights

Inclusive Business


Future Skills

Supply Chain

Diversity & Inclusion


Yellow Heart: Making That Difference

Everyone has the power to make a difference and change things for the better. This is our promise to create change and progress with all Malaysians towards a better future, better nation. Watch in Bahasa Malaysia here.

  1. Driving Digital Inclusion

    We aim to empower every Malaysian, especially those in underserved communities, with equal access to the Internet.

    In 2020, the Department of Statistics reported that about 90% of Malaysian households have access to the Internet. Hence we continue with our efforts to reduce this digital gap between societies, with initiatives that create future skills development opportunities for all.

  2. Building Digital Resilience

    We aim to ensure that every Malaysian fosters responsible Internet habits so that everyone has the freedom to enjoy and explore a safer digital space.

    The prolific use of the Internet also increases the chance of abusing it. This very often impacts the society in negative and sometimes demeaning ways. Through education and a series of initiatives, we aim to inculcate a more Internet-responsible society.

  3. Supporting Inclusive Business

    We aim to bring every Malaysian closer with the power of Internet. Making positive differences everyday, no matter big or small.

    From special mobile plans for senior citizens and the differently-abled communities to crowdfunding, educational programs and financial assistance, our initiatives aim to positively impact the lives of more people and put a smile on their faces.

  4. Safeguarding Data Privacy

    We aim to educate every Malaysian on the importance of data privacy and ways to respect and protect it.

    Customers’ privacy is of utmost important to us and we are committed to ensuring the security of all data, be it our customers' or employees'. We abide by strong privacy controls to drive a responsible business culture through continuous awareness on safe privacy practices and information management.

Making a difference

for a better future and nation.