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Privacy and Data Protection

As we believe safeguarding customer data and privacy is important in how we serve our customers, Digi complies to the strictest standards, internal governance processes and security measures when it comes to managing our customer data.




Engaging with a wide range of external and internal stakeholders is of utmost important to us to further strengthen our relationships and continue to build trust with them.

We are open with our privacy policies and adhere to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in processing data. We are building capacity for consumers and businesses to safely navigate data privacy and protection matters in the digital age.

How Digi manages customer data: Privacy Notice
How Digi uses Cookies: Cookie Notice 
We ensure the same privacy principles are adhered to when we conduct our workshops and host programmes for children under the age of 18.

How to be a responsible digital citizen and keep children safe online: Yellow Heart Safe Internet Portal 
Business Partners and Third Parties
We enforce stringent measures to address possible gaps across our business value chain to ensure we continue to protect the privacy and security of our customers.

How Digi manages visitor data: Visitor Privacy Notice
How Digi ensure business partner compliance: Data Privacy Controls


Responding to Authority Requests
Responding to Authority Requests
In Malaysia, law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and other authorities have the legal power to access the personal data we possess or information from our networks. Authorities typically require this information to solve criminal cases, prevent serious security threats or help find missing people.  It is our responsibility to respect individual privacy, continuously improve our practices, and discuss challenges we face with relevant stakeholders.

Learn more about Telenor Group Authority Request Disclosure

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